Moving Made Easy

You have just purchased your dream home, which has a gorgeous living room where your prized grand piano will fit beautifully. The only problem? The home is a split level, and that gorgeous living room is on the upper floor, eight steps’ worth of height.

You are ready to upgrade apartments. In this university town, it is nearly impossible to score on of the luxurious high rise apartments in down town, but somehow you did. The only setback? You are moving down from a seventh floor university apartment–and the elevator is broken. You would have your father and brother come help you, but they live six hours away.

Moving into a new home is exciting, but if you asked someone if they loved the process of moving itself, you likely would not be met with a lot of enthusiasm. That is because when there is a move that involves a long distance, extremely heavy things like pianos or Amish furniture (common Amish furniture pieces include garden sheds, Amish barns or custom gazebos), or ridiculous amounts of stairs, you probably will not have a lot of volunteers rallying behind you for the job. Moving is stressful, tiring, and an added thing to worry about when you may be transitioning cities, jobs, or schools.

Thankfully, that is what moving professionals are for. The amount that you pay for moving services will vary based on the unique factors of your move, but there are many perks of hiring a moving company that will save you quite the headache in the long run.

  • 1. Your dad has a bad knee, but a professional mover doesn’t.

    At least, he shouldn’t, or he is in the wrong line of work. Hiring moving services means that you do not have to put your health or the health of your family and friends at risk. Movers know their own limitations, and if one of them injures themselves while working, the moving company has its own coverage to take care of its employees. But, if your dad and cousins are doing the heavy lifting, you may feel obligated to financially contribute if cousin breaks his ankle or dad strains his knee. Save yourself the guilt and worry by hiring men who are physically capable of the labor.
  • 2. Rest at ease with damage control.

    The cost of hiring moving services often has the cost of damage control incorporated into it. For instance, if movers are carrying your solid wood chest of drawers and end up accidentally taking a gouge out of the wood or breaking off a knob, the company will usually compensate for the damage as long as it is reported to them in a timely manner. Meaning, you can’t notice a scratch in your dresser and report it three weeks later; an average for moving companies is a two to three day window to notice and document damages caused by movers.
  • 3. Stay in charge without lifting a finger.

    Depending on the details of your move and the policy of the moving company, you may be able to direct movers as they come in the door of your new home so that you do not have to shuffle around boxes and Amish furniture later. Or, if you can’t be present for the move, you may be able to ask movers to follow directions clearly labeled on the boxes (such as, kitchen, bedroom to the right of stairs). Your moving services may come with even more added perks, like packing and unpacking and Amish furniture reassembly.

  • Hiring movers may be a higher expense upfront, but will save you a lot of stress and potential accident costs in the long run. Changing homes and towns, states, or even countries is already stressful as it is, so save the heavy lifting for the people who can ensure your move goes safely and smoothly.

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