Finding the Right Cane For Mobility and Style

Stylish walking canes

Every year, one in four senior adults will take a fall, and over two million older adults will end up having to visit the emergency room as a result. When it comes to senior citizens, the two most common reasons for taking a fall are unsteadiness or dizziness that happen when they stand up or walk. Many of these falls could be avoided by using a cane for walking.

Using Canes

There are plenty of durable canes out there, but it’s important to find just the right one. Stylish canes come in many styles now, and it’s possible to get fancy walking canes that are a far cry from your grandfather’s old walking stick. A walking cane can be more than just a mobility aid: it can be a fashion statement that reflects personal style and someone’s own sense of flair. Choosing among the many stylish canes available just requires a bit of knowledge and attention.

Sizing Your Cane

When choosing a cane, it’s important that it be right for the height and frame of the one who will be using it. The person trying our canes should wear the shoes they use for walking, stand straight but natural, and let the arms hang naturally. Measure the distance from the wrist bone to the floor and then round up to the nearest half inch. That’s the height you want for your cane.

Cane Style

Once you have the right height of cane, and have one that’s sturdy enough for the frame of the person using it, personal preference becomes the most important thing. Don’t forget to look at canes in different styles for different occasions. Some canes are great for hiking, others are more functional canes someone might use around the home, and some walking sticks are perfect accessories for evening wear.

Canes and Personality

When looking through all the stylish canes on offer, think about the personality of the one who will be using it. Someone traditional and understated will probably love a classic cane with a wooden handle and a minimum of decoration. Someone exacting and demanding might enjoy a well-designed brass handle on a cane or possibly one with the decorative carving that makes up elegant walking canes. Women can find canes fitted with pearls and rhinestones, or in prints and carvings that celebrate grace and femininity.

From sassy to function, there are stylish canes and functional canes to suit every taste. The right cane makes all the difference, both to mobility and to confidence.

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