What to Look for In a Realtor

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Are you buying a house? A lot of people are: at the end of 2017, more than 64% of Americans did own a home, according to the Census Bureau. It’s a great time for buying a home, as home builder optimism reached an 18-year high in 2017, and sales of new homes in November of that year were at their highest level in a decade. If you’re buying a house, especially if you’re buying your first home, you need a good realtor. If that’s you, here are a few tips about how to choose the right real estate agent:

Find Out What They Specialize In

Some realtors specialize in selling and others in buying. Some will engage with both sides, so it’s wise to be asking what types of services a realtor offers, how much experience they have in the immediate area where you’re searching, and what their average list price to sales price ratio is.

Talk to Some of Their Recent Clients

Ask around and find out who has had a great experience with agents you’re looking for. Of course, a lot of bad experiences will be a red flag but do remember that buying a house is a really stressful time, so one or two complaints are to be expected. A track record of complaints and bad experiences is never something you should ignore. Ask people how the purchase process went, how the realtor handled problems that arose, and whether the agent was good at staying in touch.

Find Someone You Can Work With

Whoever you work with will be someone you have to see and deal with for quite a while. You want someone who will listen to you and really grasp your needs, and with a personality, you can see yourself spending time with: because you will. That doesn’t mean you should choose a realtor like choosing a friend, though. You still want someone efficient and knowledgeable.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

This is something that should be on the table right away. The more clear you are about this, the better the chances that home for sale that your realtor finds will actually be something you’d want to see. If this is your first time buying a house, be aware that you might have unreasonable expectations. A good realtor will help you adjust while still retaining your vision.

Buying a house is a huge task. It will take time and effort, and it’s important to have the right agent to help you. But it’s also a rewarding experience. Very few things will thrill you like the moment you hold those keys in your hand and know a place is yours.

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