How to Choose a Professional and Accommodating Wedding Florist

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With so many local florists to choose from, how do you decide on the one that will handle all of your special event needs? Weddings are perhaps, the most difficult event to plan floral arrangements for. Flowers are an extremely important part of the wedding day, from the bride?s bouquet to the centerpiece floral arrangements. These are some of the most important characteristics when choosing the best wedding florist.

Their level of experience with weddings
Creating floral arrangements for birthday flowers is very different than designing upscale floral arrangements for a wedding. It is usually a good idea to go with a florist that has prior experience designing for weddings. Their advice and recommendations will prove to be invaluable during the planning process. Additionally, you are likely spending a lot of money on your wedding flowers, make sure you are spending for good quality. Flowers make up 7 to 8% of a typical wedding budget.

Their level of professionalism
Again, you are spending a good portion of your wedding budget on the flowers. Choosing a florist that has a high level of professionalism will ensure that you get what you want. You also won?t have to worry about no shows or poor quality floral arrangements. Additionally, your florist vendor will have to work with other wedding planning professionals including the venue host and the wedding planner, so going with a florist that has a high level of professionalism will ensure that there are no day of wedding problems.

The history of their business
Although new florists can be both professional and great designers, weddings are often planned many months, if not years in advance. Avoid going with a brand new florist that could potentially be closed by the time your wedding date comes around. It can cause a lot of stress and last minute changing of plans to find that your florist has closed and disappeared, along with your initial deposit. Generally speaking, florists that have been around for a while are satisfying their customers and are more likely to be reliable.

Their ability to meet your specific needs
You, hopefully, only get married once in your lifetime. Either way, weddings are not common occurrences, so plan the wedding of your dreams. If you have always dreamed of carrying a large red rose bouquet, then do that. Over 60% of wedding parties include a flower girl. If you want your flower girl to throw green rose petals, you can do that too. You simply have to find a florist that can accommodate your needs. It might take some research and numerous consultations, but choose a florist that can meet your dream wedding vision. Specific needs might also include the day of plans. Make sure the flower delivery and setup are all figured out ahead of time.

Ask yourself, would I use this florist of other floral needs?
Would you use the florist that you are considering for all of your floral needs? When it comes time to celebrate your anniversary, will you purchase your anniversary flowers from there? What about birthday flowers? If you wouldn?t, it can be helpful to evaluate your reasons why not. These same reasons should also affect your wedding buying decisions. If the florist is not good enough to purchase anniversary or birthday flowers from, then they are probably not worth it for wedding flowers either.

Flowers are a multi billion dollar industry. In fact, the annual spending on floral products alone in the U.S. is $26,600,000,000. A large percentage of floral budgets go to weddings. It is also likely that there are many local florists in your community and it can be overwhelming to pick just one of your wedding floral needs. Just remember to choose a florist that is professional, meets your floral needs, has proven successful in the industry, and that you would purchase other types of flowers from.

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