3 Eco Friendly Products Both You and Your Baby Will Love

Organic sheets

Picking out baby toys, clothes, and furniture can be overwhelming because of the huge selection of options. It can also be pretty scary once you start figuring out how things are made and the harmful ingredients they can contain. If you are looking for safe, non-toxic products for your baby, you should consider eco friendly products.

Eco friendly products are made with natural, recyclable, and biodegradable materials and are not harmful to the environment or humans. At minimum, they are non-toxic, and most eco friendly products are produced in a manner that does not deplete the ecosystem. The materials used are grown without pesticides and are often made with recycled products. So not only are they helping the environment, but you can feel good about your baby being around safe, non-toxic products.

There are a few key areas you should consider going eco friendly for: bedding and linens, towels, and stuffed animals or toys. All of these products will come in contact with your baby daily and should be made of non-harmful materials.


Bedding is an important product in your baby?s life. It should not only be soft and comfy, but also made with natural, non-toxic materials. When you?re picking out mattress pads, a sheet set, and other bedding, consider purchasing organic sheets and bedding. This will give you peace of mind knowing while your baby sleeps, they aren?t being exposed to harmful chemicals.


You take extra care to make sure your baby is nice and clean after bath time, and it shouldn?t stop there. Organic or natural towels are another product that you should consider purchasing for your baby. It?s important to keep your baby around products that are safe for them to be exposed to.

Stuffed Animals and Toys

Eco friendly stuffed animals and toys are something else you should think about. Babies love stuffed animals and toys, and they also love putting them in their mouths. You can relax knowing that if you purchase eco friendly stuffed animals or toys, your baby is playing with a product that is completely safe for them.

Buying eco friendly products for your baby is beneficial to both the environment and your baby. It?s important to purchase products that are not made with synthetic or toxic materials, so you can rest assured knowing your baby has the best products possible.

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