Speakers for Teenagers can Be a Good Idea for Schools

Teen mental health

Being a teenager has always been difficult, as it is one of the most awkward phases in life. However, technology, especially social media, helps to magnify teenage behaviors, especially negative ones. One of the ways schools can help combat teenage issues is to bring in speakers for teenagers.

The world probably has a better understanding of teen mental health than at any time in recorded history, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have handle on the problem. About 2.6 million kids aged 12 to 17 have what’s considered a depressive episode every year, which amounts to more than one in 10 teens. Depression increases a teen’s chances of attempting suicide twelve-fold, and more than 1,400 teens attempt suicide every day.

Even for those teens who don’t attempt suicide, many engage in other risky behaviors. For example, more than 15,000 teens try drugs for the first time every day, and thousands of teens are having sex well before they are ready for the consequences, either physical or emotional.

Things can be worse for teens who have other issues. For example, teens who are obese, gay or have some kind of disability are 63% more likely to be bullied in school than teens who don’t have these issues. And studies have shown that kids with those issues are more likely to attempt suicide. Even for kids without some kind of issue that makes them a target for bullying, it is still an issue. Though overall school violence is declining, incidents of bullying have increased 5%.

There are many things schools can do to try to combat these issues, and one of the easiest is to bring in speakers for teenagers. There are many youth motivational speakers and other types of speakers that travel the country speaking to school and other groups where teens are present. These speakers may talk about what is typical teenage behavior and offer advice for teenagers. Speakers for teenagers also can offer valuable advice for parents as well on topics such as understanding teenagers, parenting teenagers, normal teenage girl and boy behavior, what to do in the case of suspected drug use and other issues.

Schools that bring in a speaker for teenagers and invite parents to hear the speech as well can help do their part to make teenagers feel more comfortable and to open the lines of communication between teens and adults.

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