Top 5 Health Benefits to Playing Golf

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Golf is a sport that is enjoy world wide. But besides being a great way to stretch your legs and get competitive, golf offers many health benefits for all involved.

Here are five health benefits of playing golf.

1. It gets you outdoors

Golf is an outdoor sport that is played on up to a 200-acre golf course. Being outside and in nature gives many benefits to the mind and body including a refreshed sense of well-being, becoming more relaxed and less stressed, along with a reduction in anxiety. Also, sun exposure brings vitamin D which strengthens bones.

2. It gets you walking

Leave those golf carts behind and walk the course! You will clock thousands of steps without even realizing it. Your blood will get pumping and walking on a golf course can help you loose weight with the help of a healthy diet. You will also have strengthened leg muscles because of it!

3. Great for your brain

Since your heart will be pumping more blood, your brain will get more blood flow leading to improved nerve cell connections. This boost will help delay and prevent mental illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimers. Additionally, a typical golfer will try his best to improve on his score which fosters a sense of confidence and self-esteem.

4. Improves vision

All that practice of focusing on a small white ball will improve your vision in the long run. This technique practiced by golfers will help them hone in on small targets from long distances, which can be helpful in many different situations.

5. Better sleep

Since a golfer is using his entire body to work out, they will sleep more soundly at night. Golfers tend to fall asleep faster and fall into a deep sleep which will help them be more energized during the day. Deep sleep is imperative for cell growth and muscle repair.

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