The 5 Most Common Items Kept in Storage Units

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You’ve certainly heard the old saying “home is where the heart is.” Unfortunately, 23% of American adults claim that they are not currently living in their “heart home.” The average American moves as many as 12 times in her life and more than six in 10 adults moved to a new community at least once. It isn’t unusual to have to move away from a place where you have established a deep connection.

And then there is the saying “home is where your stuff is.” But how true can that really be? If you are moving into a smaller apartment or a college dormitory, you will not be able take all of your belongings with you. Rather than throwing out items that still hold value to you, you can find a local moving and storage company and get a storage rental.

5 Things You Can Keep in Your Storage Unit

  1. Vehicles: A vehicle must be registered and you must be able to provide the proper documentation, but under those conditions it is perfectly alright to keep a car or motorcycle in your storage rental unit. Gasoline is not allowed in storage units, so empty the tank first.
  2. Furniture: This is a very common type of item to be stored in a rental unit. You can’t always bring your couch or bed with you, or you may not need it. If you don’t want to get rid of it just yet, storing it is the best option.
  3. Toys: Maybe your kids are all grown up, but you just can’t seem to let go of their favorite toys. You keep them for nostalgia or perhaps you want to save them for the grandkids. As long as any batteries are removed, toys are always welcome.
  4. Documents: Some of us are not totally digital yet. We have files and cabinets filled with paperwork we need to keep for legal reasons. Don’t let all that paper clutter your home or office. A storage unit is the perfect place for all your important documents.
  5. Antiques: Family heirlooms and valuable antiques need to be cared for properly. You can certainly keep them in a storage rental, but make sure the unit is temperature controlled. You would also be wise to hire antique furniture movers to transport your fragile antiques to the storage company.

Visit your storage unit often to make sure that your belongings are in good condition. Continue. Check out this website for more.

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