5 Great Health Benefits of Using Adjustable Beds

Comfort while sleeping

While most of us know that the recommended amount of sleep we should get each night is between seven and nine hours (according to the National Sleep Foundation), most American adults get much less than that. Work, stress and physical problems all conspire to keep us awake well into the night. This can be very bad for our overall health as insomnia can lead to a variety of serious health conditions. Insomnia is also bad for the United States economy. It has been estimated that about one in four people has insomnia. Harvard University has said this costs companies about $63 million in lost productivity each year. Switching to an adjustable bed may make a difference. Trying out different sizes of adjustable beds may be the first step to getting more comfortable sleep.

  1. They are great for people with heartburn or ulcers. Many people who suffer from heartburn or ulcers feel worse after eating at night. Even people who do not notice a problem after they go to bed are advised by their gastroenterologists to raise the head of the bed a few inches. This has the effect of keeping stomach acid where it belongs, in the stomach. Often when we eat at night the acid can move into the lower level of the esophagus and causes painful heartburn. All sizes of adjustable beds will allow people to sleep with their heads raised and will lead to more comfort while sleeping.
  2. They can help people who have back problems. If you have a bad back or have suffered a back injury, the way you sleep can make a big difference. Sleeping on your stomach can make that pain a lot worse. Often doctors, spine experts and physical therapists recommend sleeping on a person’s bad at a 45 degree angle. This helps take pressure off of bad areas and leads to better sleep due to a decrease in back pain.
  3. This helps with sciatica. Many people with back problems also suffer from sciatica. This is a painful condition where pain radiates down the leg (via the sciatic nerve). When people who suffer from this sleep on any of the sizes of adjustable beds, pressure is redistributed and the pain can be alleviated, leading to a better night’s sleep.
  4. They help people who snore. If you snore or have sleep apnea, you may have noticed a decrease in the quality of your sleep. By raising the head, most people get more oxygen into their lungs. The way most people lay down on a horizontal mattress constricts the airways and leads to a person taking in less oxygen. When these people sleep with their head raised, those problems are diminished and sleep is improved. This can reduce or eliminate snoring, which can help everyone in the home sleep better. Getting more oxygen in while you sleep can also have a big impact on reducing headaches and other ache you may experience during the day.
  5. They Reduce swelling. Anyone who suffers from swelling in their lower extremities can benefit from any of the sizes of adjustable beds. By raising the feet above the heart, any fluid that has become trapped in the feet or lower legs can be encouraged to travel back to the center part of the body where it can be eliminated. This can be a simple way to deal with this common problem.

We all love to get great sleep. It can be very stressful when sleep eludes us. People take million of dollars of pills every year to get relief from insomnia. One other option is to get a more comfortable bed that helps with the underlying causes of your insomnia.

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage, may provide temporary relief of low back pain, minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion, edema or swelling of the legs, poor local blood circulation of the legs, symptoms of hiatus hernia, symptoms of gastric reflux, nighttime heartburn. The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from mild arthritis and joint pain, as well as muscle pain associated with stress and tension. Sleeping in an upright position may reduce or ease light and occasional snoring.

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