3 Things Everyone Shous old Consider Before Purchasing a Home for Their Retirement

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The phrase “American Dream” is one that is heavy with meaning in American culture, an impressive weight considering it was first popularized by Historian James Truslow Adams in 1931. In the decades since its origination, the country has changed, and that is reflected in people’s image of and reaction to the phrase. However, there has been one consistent concept within the American Dream that still holds almost universal appeal: own your own home, and not just any home but finding your dream home. That dream is realized by some before retirement age, but whether you are one that did or not, retirement has a new set of priorities and values, and a new dream home, with all the symbolism attached, becomes the goal. The thrill of the search begins, but you can never be too sure if your dream retirement home is all you think it is. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top three things every potential homeowner should consider before purchasing any retirement real estate:

Does it have a safe neighborhood?

In an ideal world, retirement should be the finish line for fretting about all of the big issues and pet peeves that dominated life until 65. In the real world, however, anyone that does not consider safety when in the market for a new home could easily be placing themselves in a desperate or even fatal, situation. The preliminary Uniform Crime Report for early 2015 was certainly alarming, with violent crime increasing nationally by almost 2%, but murder by itself going up by over 6%. The crime did have some bright spots, however, especially for homeowners and those looking to purchase. Of all the crime documented, the only areas that saw a decrease in occurrence rates were property crimes. However, the drop did not bring property crime rates to zero, so safety, not just of yourselves but also your things, must come first.

Has the home been inspected by a professional?

If you have found a house for sale that you believe might be The One, after checking the area for safety, your next task should be discovering if it has been inspected by a reputable professional. The good news for finding your dream home is, unlike the safety problem, it does not have to be a deal-breaker if such an inspection has not been performed. During the negotiation process, you may require a professional whole house inspection. Therein lies the potential for bad news, though, for sometimes the reason there is no official inspection on record is a desire to keep the results of that inspection from potential purchasers. If you find that some renovations will be necessary, figure if there is room enough in your budget to pay for them and if the house is worth the extra hassle to you.

Is the home located in the right location for your needs and preferences?

This last concern to address when finding your dream home is the community surrounding it, including population and amenities. If you are like many retirees, there is a great appeal in buying a home in a community specifically created for people like you. In such an environment, there are social opportunities that are not otherwise, an important concern since the way so many Americans make new friends is through work. Also, your community should reflect what is important to you in this new phase of life. If you want to dedicate your time to the many ways to have fun on the water, that should be easily accessible in any new home purchase. Decide what matters when finding your dream home and never settle for anything less than exactly what you want and need.

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