Military order of the purple heart

Have you ever wondered what you could do with some of the stuff you have lying around your house? The children got new clothes for their birthdays, you just purchased new camping or sporting equipment. What do you do with the slightly worn stuff you had before, know that it has been replaced with new? It isn?t worn out or useless but you can?t see hanging onto it and putting it in the landfill,that hurts the environment. Donate it to charities that supports military families as well as families in need and those that help the blind. Most have a pickup and drop off service for charity clothing pickup.

In 2011 research shows that 90% of clothing and textiles had been thrown out in the United States. There was an estimated 15.3% recovery rate for used clothing and textiles. This is estimated to be about 12 million tons of clothing and textiles that were recycled or donated to helping families in need and charities for military families. This in turn helped to create 17,000 jobs in the textile recycling industry throughout the United States and decreasing waste in the landfills. Recycling has helped to support several organizations that help military charities and helping families in need and you get a tax write off.

One example of how clothing items are recycled: clothing that is in good condition can be sold through a charity for military families or a second hand store that accepts clothing donations. This in turn helps charities for military families and families in need. This benefits everyone in the community.

For the clothing that cannot be sold a clothing recycler might convert the item to scrap or another use, such as: insulation, rubberized playgrounds, carpet padding and cleaning rags to list a few. This helps reduce the landfill waste and also helps with the environment and create jobs.

Recycling saves time and money for everyone involved as well as protecting the environment and the natural resources that is our planet earth.

Would you like to do a donation pickup to donate your clothes and gently used items to help families in need and charities for military families?

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