Don’t Toss Old Clothes Share them With Others

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The average American purchases somewhere around ten pounds of used clothing per year. This means that charitable clothing donations are useful and they are beneficial to all communities. Clothing donations help to reduce landfill waste, reduce the amount of people and resources needed to produce new clothing and help those less fortunate.

Roughly, 99 % of clothing that is thrown away can be recycled or donated. Each year in the United States there is an estimated 12 million tons of textile waste and clothing that is discarded. Charities that pick up clothing donations not only keep them out of landfills but also provide jobs for the community.

Clothes that are donated are either re-sold or given to charitable organizations. Consignment stores sell the clothing at reduced prices to consumers. Either charitable organizations sell the clothing to use the proceeds for their charities or they donate the clothing to those in need. Approximately 80 % of clothing that is donated in the United States is given to the needy or used for funding charitable organizations.

Consumers who donate clothing help provide jobs for individuals involved in the charitable organization and resale shops. Buying used clothing from resale shops offers substantially lower prices to consumers, which save considerable money. That money can then be used elsewhere throughout the community providing growth to other stores, which in turn could provide even more jobs throughout the community.

Charities that pick up clothing donations and clothing donation drop off locations also benefit the consumers making the donation. Many consumers can write off their donation as a tax deduction. This helps to encourage those who would normally throw out used clothing to donate it instead.

Next time you are going through the children’s closets, to see what they have outgrown, before buying school clothes, make a donation bag of clothes. When seasons change go through your own clothes and see what still fits and what you will still wear. Have a bag or a box for clothing to go into when it is no longer wanted or needed. Once the bag is full or there is enough clothing in it, donate the clothes instead of tossing them into the trash. You will help clear clutter from your home, help keep it out of the landfills and help those in need all this one single action.

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