Do You Know Where Your Remote Control Is? Check Your Couch and Your Freezer!

Television remote controls

Experts estimate that there are over 150 million televisions in American, and as many as 350 million remote controls. We spend, on average, more than three hours a day watching TV, and sometimes we need five, maybe six remote controls to optimize our viewing experiences.

We spend money on devices designed to hold our plethora of remote controls, but we manage to lose our remotes on a regular basis. Sometimes, the couch is the culprit: other times, it can wind up outside in the garage or even in the freezer. We use our remotes to navigate over 180 cable channels, on average, but in reality we end up watching an average of about 15 channels, experts report.

Programmable remote controls can often control all household entertainment devices, from DVDs to DVRs to old VCRs and sound systems. As many as one out of every five American households has made the investment in a sound system but reports that they do not use it because they lost the remote control.

Buying an Insignia remote control replacement unit is one option; Samsung remote control replacement units are also available, along with several other brands. Remote manuals guide customers through the reprogramming of their entertainment devices, and some television remote controls are now routed through electronic devices such as phones and tablets.

Some households choose to get replacement remotes that match the original television
. A person watching an older set may choose to buy a remote that is identical to the one that originally came with the TV. Insignia remote control replacement units are reported to be compatible with several brands of televisions: some customers look for Sony, Toshiba, Philips, or Panasonic replacement TV remotes.

Experts report that many customers want to make the switch to a single touch-screen remote to control everything from their entertainment systems to their garage door. Some phones have applications that enable them to start vehicles wirelessly, but many dedicated TV watchers are happy with their remotes. All six of them.

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