Say Goodbye to TV Remote Codes Forever with Original Replacement Remotes

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Believe it or not, the first television remote ever, dubbed the “Lazy Bones,” was connected by a wire. Wireless remotes were finally introduced in 1955, and since then, we’ve never looked back. The technology used in these remotes is now very advanced and specialized, so losing your remote can sometimes feel like the end of the relationship between you and your TV.

Thankfully, original replacement remotes are now available that get you back in front of the TV as soon as possible. Gone are the days of having to get up from your couch just to change the channel on a television with a lost or broken remote. More importantly, you don’t have to deal with the complicated TV remote codes that come with universal remotes, and there’s zero set-up required. Here’s how original replacement remotes are helping millions to watch their televisions again in a quick and simple fashion:

    A quick breakdown of remotes: Television remote controls seem to have a mind of their own, and losing them is an experience that just about everybody has gone through. Don’t feel like a crazy person if you find your remote in an odd place. A recent survey found that over 4% of missing remotes are found in the fridge or freezer, and about 2% of them are found outside or in the car.

    Universal remote controls. Many people think that all in one remote controls are the quick and easy answer to their remote problems, but that simply is not the case. Universal remotes aren’t made for your specific device, so the learning curve in programming it to work on your television can be more of a hassle than you bargained for. There’s a long list of universal remote codes to skim through, and even when you think you found the one that will work with your television, it usually doesn’t work. Each brand usually has a list of up to 10 TV remote codes that you have to try, not to mention the higher cost of these devices.

    The gift of original replacement remotes. Since remotes have become so advanced, each brand usually has its own specific set of buttons and functions for them. In order to use your TV exactly how it was intended, you need an original replacement remote. These convenient devices require zero set-up, and you’ll never have to struggle through fine-print TV remote codes again. They come in a variety of popular brands like LG and Sony, both of which often feature buttons that you wont find on any universal remotes.

Enjoy your television the way it was supposed to be enjoyed with an original replacement remote. Simply order it, wait for the package, take it out of the box, and you’re ready to plop down in front of the TV once again, just like the good old days before you lost your remote.

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