How to Find Clothing Donation Companies that Support Veterans and the Disabled

Veterans clothing donations

Clothing donation services are hugely advertised within our country, and often provide clothing and supplies for many underprivileged families and individuals. However, with major name brand clothing donation companies dominating the donation industry, many people are unaware of other ways to donate clothing to help support specific causes, such as providing money, services, or clothing for former disabled veterans or the blind communities. Many of these alternative donation services even offer donation pickup services.

If you have never thought to donate clothes
to an organization, consider these reasons to not only start donating clothing to charity, but to choose an alternative donation service over the larger named companies.

1. Throwing Away Clothing is Not Environmentally Helpful
On average, 12 million tons of clothes and other fabrics or textiles are discarded every year. In 2011, alone, it is estimated that 90% of these trashed items could have been recycled, and put to better use than merely filling up congested land fills. Still, many people continue to throw out clothing they no longer want or need, instead of donating them to organizations who can pass them on to veterans or the blind, or sell them to help finance funding for these groups.

2. You Have Too Many Clothing Items
It is often encouraged to try to purge your closet twice a year, since many Americans will find they own too many clothing items, or pieces they simply don’t wear. Rather than leaving them hung away or folded up in a drawer, why not turn them over to an organization who can put them to practical use?

3. You’ll be Helping to Simulate the Economy
On average, individual Americans purchase around 10 lbs of previously worn clothing items a year. There is a definite market for lightly used clothing, vintage pieces, and even hand me down essentials, and clothing donations are a great way to help boost the economy, while emptying your closet, and continuing the recycling of clothing and textiles.

4. You Can Receive Tax Breaks on All Donations
The government offers tax breaks and refunds on donated items, in an effort to encourage these donations and reward the process of helping others. It might not seem like enough of an incentive to donate, but considering many donation places will even pick up from your doorstep, donating a few times a year or once a month can really add up come tax season.

5. You’ll Be Helping Disabled Veterans or Members of the Blind Community
Perhaps the strongest argument of all to donate, is that you’ll be genuinely helping less fortunate members of society with your charity. While many of the larger companies also cater to underprivileged groups, many times items end up being sold in stores and not directly given to those in need. Finding alternative donation organizations, specifically ones helping the blind or veterans can be a rewarding experience for all involved.

Clothing donations are a simple and painless way to help give back to others, without changing your lifestyle or losing money. Look in your area today to find out more about your donation options.

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