Custom Gazebos to Furniture 3 Aspects of True Amish Manufacturers

Corner sheds

Whether you’re in the market for custom gazebos, a garden shed, or quality furniture the Amish offer some of the best products money can buy. Add the fact that the traditional style compliments virtually any decor and it’s no wonder Amish furniture is one of the hottest trends today. If you’re new to the idea of buying products from these technologically impaired individuals here are three aspects common of Amish shops.

    1.) Process: Chairs, custom gazebos, and sheds alike are all made the same way in Amish shops. Almost exclusively they will be 100% wood and 100% handmade. Walk into a quality Amish shop and you’ll be amazed at the vast selection with no sacrifice to attention to detail. A fact made even more incredible when you consider the average Amish shop only operated 42.7 hours a week according to a 2007 study. While you’re likely to find a variety of different woods, red oak is the most common accounting for almost 50% of the furniture made.

    2.) Durability: The quality, handmade nature of Amish products means unmatched longevity. Depending on the conditions in which it is subject to Amish-made furniture can last for decades and still look relatively new. Something like custom gazebos that will have to endure the elements consistently may show signs of wear, but will stand for years.

    3.) Size: Amish shops are known not only for their personal touch in making the products, but also the overall staff and service. In 2005 the average Amish manufacturer had just four employees. More popular shops usually have between five and ten workers. The small size means they might sometimes take a little longer to complete custom orders, but the result can be a piece of art. Not a mass produced, or even handmade product that’s been passed around from countless different employees losing the unique vision a smaller team can communicate.

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