More Families Seek Professional Cleaners to Clean Homes

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Are you a cleaning service or maid service looking or business? If so, you might find it beneficial to target women, between the age of 30 and 65, making $50,000 or more a year. Why? Because they’re the demographic most likely to seek out the services you’re providing. People, especially women, care if their home is clean. A clean home makes a great first impression, and even helps to protect families from sickness.

Fortunately for businesses that offer home cleaning services, the US Department of Commerce estimates that, over the course of the next few years, nearly 80% of American households with two incomes will employ an outside professional house cleaner. Some will employ professional house cleaners because they want their home decluttered and more organized. In fact, a shocking 84% of reportedly stressed out Americans claim that they worry a lot about the cleanliness and organization of their home, fearing that things could be better.

Others will employ a cleaning service because they want the peace of mind in knowing that their home is clean and sanitary, especially if there are any children present. Usually when children are present, parents prefer a deep cleaning of their home. After all, when you consider that common areas, like the living room desk, can contain upwards of 10 million germs, it’s no wonder that moms across the country are particular about the way their house is clean, and choose to seek out professional assistance. It’s little bits of knowledge, like the fact that germs can stay alive on toys, countertops, and door handles for hours, and surfaces like bathroom sinks for three days, that keep professional cleaning services busy.

Others seek out a cleaning service to free of time to spend with family or on other things. Women who don’t employ a cleaning service can expect to spend nearly 18 hours a week on cleaning, or 12,896 hours over the span of her life. That’s a lot of time being eaten up by housework that a cleaning service can easily take care of.

So if you’re a cleaning service looking for business, congratulations, you’re going to be busy these next few years because more and more families are beginning to see the benefit of a cleaning service. So get out there and start advertising and rounding up some clients!

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