From Cubicle to Coconuts … An Easy Way to Improve Your Mood!

Anchor decor

Looking around your home … would you say that you’re happy with your current home decor?

On average, merely one out of five Americans (20%) feel content with their home decor, with an astounding 14% even going as far as to say that their home furnishings make them feel gloomy and stressed. And yet 47% of Americans haven’t redecorated their homes in the last five years.

One-third of Americans (36%) spend between five and eight waking hours in their houses each day, with 26% reporting that they spend between nine and 12 hours a day at home. That means that your decor should match your style and desires, and make your home a true oasis from the outside world.

As for style, everyone has their own – Americans home styles vary greatly from traditional (44%), followed by modern (22%), eclectic (13%), country (10%) and global (2%). With the rise of nautical home decor, your home could feel like a vacation, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Every time you walk through your front door you’ll be transported to your favorite tropical destination, and the only thing missing is the spray of salty air and the cry of gulls. Light yourself a candle and kick on a sound machine and you’ll have that too!

Relax in your own private bungalow or craft the most magical of worlds for your little mermaid or sailor with nautical home decor; keep their imaginations sharp with an armillary globe, nautical wheel and a wall mounted bell, and be ready to start the race to the buried treasure!

With nautical items, you’ll be whisked away to the world where water rules along with the sand and sun. Create the perfect pirate getaway, complete with a nautical telescope and porthole clock to relax and unwind; and unfurl your Jolly Roger after a long day at sea.

For those of us who have the spirit of adventure, but are not as daring, scatter nautical items sparingly throughout your home with anchor decor.

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