Donations That Pick Up at Home? Find Out the Easiest Ways to Give to Charity

Pick up clothing donations

Have you wanted to give your house a good spring cleaning but feel like you missed your window of opportunity? The good news is that you actually haven’t — there’s still plenty of time to get going on your clean-up projects for the year. In addition to that, you also have plenty of options when it comes to donating items that you no longer need.

One of the most popular types of charitable donations would be used clothing donations. Giving clothing is one of the simplest ways of helping families in need, and clothing and textiles are some of the easiest items to recycle on the planet. What are the easiest ways to give clothing? Here are three methods you won’t want to forget about come the time for spring cleaning.

  • Charity donations dropped off in person: One of the simplest way to donate to charity is to visit in-person and drop off your items. Not only does this give you the chance to ask questions about how your donation will be helping others, but it also gives you the opportunity to pick up a form for your tax deductions. Donating clothing to charity is an easy way to lower your tax bill at the end of the year because you can write off your donation!
  • Clothing drop offs and drop boxes: If you don’t have time to wait in line, then you can also use a convenient charity drop box to give your donations. These are typically found in parking lots or shopping centers, so you can give on your schedule. Be warned, though, that this method won’t give you a receipt for your clothing donation, and boxes can fill up fast, so this might be a good method to use if you only have a little bit to give.
  • Clothing donation pickups: Perhaps the simplest way to give to others is to call for donations that pick up at home. Several charity organizations offer to pick up clothing donations from your home. All you have to do is call and make up an appointment. Donations that pick up at home can take clothing that you’ve gathered and placed into bags or boxes for easy hauling away. Some services can also take away furniture and other household items.

Clothing donations aren’t the only thing that you can give after you clean out your house. You can also donate household items, furniture, toys, non-perishable food items, and more. Find out what your local charities are looking for before donating and see how you can help them. Need more advice or suggestions on donations that pick up at home or that can be dropped off? Leave a comment.

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