Photos #ShedoftheYear Brings Out The DIY Show Offs

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Artwork, technology, men, cuisine, Italy… all things known to experience a renaissance every so often. But in the past decade, the humble garden shed has gone through a surprising renaissance as the Digital Do It Yourself movement really comes into its own.

The internet has allowed Do It Yourselfers to spread tips and tricks, pictures, and how to guides on sites like Pinterest, Twitter, and home improvement blogs. Plus, new TV shows like “He Shed, She Shed” are documenting the growing trend in custom shed designs. And, of course, some people just really like showing off their handiwork.

In England, the popular home design show “Amazing Spaces” recently launched a “Shed of the Year” contest, and social media sites like YouTube and Twitter are full of inventive garden sheds transformed into everything from backyard observatories to fully functional houseboats.

On Twitter, posts tagged #ShedoftheYear are being retweeted thousands of times:

The renaissance in sheds and garages combines a few popular home design trends — the DIY movement, upcycling, and “she sheds,” the female equivalent of the man cave.

Garden sheds are slightly more popular in the United Kingdom, but custom sheds and garages are rising in popularity in the States as well. Many people buy pre-fab or pre-built Amish built sheds and garages, then upgrade them accordingly. Some opt for high-tech designs manufactured with 3D printing technology, while others opt for more traditional wooden designs, like handmade Amish sheds.

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