3 Common Questions About Cremation Jewelry Answered

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Every year, an average of 1.5 million caskets are used in 2.4 million U.S. funerals. For many Americans, the unexpected financial burden of planning a funeral — from arranging flowers, paying for an obituary, and buying an expensive casket — is simply too much to bear. That’s why the National Funeral Directors Association predicts that 56% of deaths will involve cremation by 2017.

Why is cremation jewelry suddenly so popular?

Many grieving Americans will select custom titanium cremation jewelry to help honor their loved ones. After a cremation, families can receive cremation urns for ashes to use in burials, scattering ceremonies, or display. Titanium cremation jewelry is specially designed to encase a small portion of ash (usually less than a quarter cubic inch) inside memorial keepsakes.

What are the most popular types of titanium cremation jewelry?

  • Titanium Cremation Bracelets: these memorial keepsakes are usually understated silver or titanium chains with a small container for ashes. Some people even use them as charm bracelets.
  • Urn Pendants: Urn pendants are miniature-sized urns designed for necklaces, charms, or even key chains.
  • Titanium Cremation Necklaces: these ash necklaces come in a variety of styles and designs. Religious symbols like crosses are common, while other people choose elegant teardrop or rectangle shaped designs. Mourners can also choose a personal ash keepsake that reminds them of their loved one, such as a heart, favorite animal, or musical note.
  • Silver and Gold Cremation Jewelry: in addition to titanium cremation jewelry, gold, silver, and stainless steel are increasingly popular materials for urn pendants, necklaces, and ash cylinders.

What about pet cremation keepsakes?

All of the titanium cremation jewelry mentioned above are also popular for pets. Because pets are most likely to be cremated, many pet owners memorialize their best friend with unique keepsakes.

The only thing that heals grief is time and love. For those struggling through a mourning period, or trying to help a friend or family member through grief, titanium cremation jewelry can help keep memories alive. Usually, no one realizes what cremation jewelry really is, but the person wearing it can take comfort in keeping their lost companions close to their heart.

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