How to Get A Better Night’s Sleep

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Are you finding yourself more irritable at work or school recently because of not sleeping well? Waking up groggy or not feeling rested? You’re unfortunately with about 2/3 of other Americans, who don’t get sleep that leaves them feeling rejuvenated upon waking in the morning. Not getting the good sleep you need can be worrisome, since it can affect your memory, lifespan, and other aspects of your life, so it’s important to get to the root of the cause as quickly as possible. Take a look at your mattress or pillow, which can often be culprits hiding in plain sight. Switching to something like sleep comfort adjustable beds could be a good fix for someone who is truly having difficulty falling asleep.
What’s Not Letting Me Get to Sleep?
Well that stabbing pain in your lower back or stiff neck when you wake up probably isn’t helping. The National Sleep Foundation reports that due to sleeping in a bad position, around 15% of the population has chronic pain. Chronic pain like having back or neck pain, or headaches can keep you from falling sleep–if you’re trying to shift around to lessen any stress or pressure put on the area–and keep you from staying asleep once you finally manage to do so. Even worse, sometimes the pain medication you may take or be prescribed can come with side effects that make it difficult to fall asleep.
Got a too hard or too soft mattress? A lumpy pillow? What you sleep on is just as important as where you sleep and while not everyone can afford sleep comfort adjustable beds, you may want to consider at least upgrading your mattress or pillow to be at a good consistency for your needs. Sometimes the problem can also be sharing a too small bed with another person. Take a look at your pillow as well–it’s hard to fall asleep on a too soft or too hard pillow, because your neck isn’t getting the support it needs.
How Can I Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep?
Eating better (and not before bed) combined with regular exercise will make your body healthy and help you get a better night’s sleep, due to increased exertion and cleaner eating habits. In terms of actually looking at your bed, consider looking into getting an adjustable bed. There are many different kinds of sleep comfort adjustable beds, like memory foam beds. Others may offer a heat or massage feature, for those who need that extra something to get to sleep at night, or need soothing elements for their pain. Adjustable beds come in a variety of sizes, like adjustable double beds or king size adjustable beds, so don’t worry about being limited by size.
An adjustable bed will allow you to sleep at the best position possible, offering extra support for areas of your body that are at risk (or already suffer) from chronic pain, like your head, neck, shoulders, or back. Naturally, if you’re suffering from real sleep deprivation, visit your doctor. In the meantime, see what measures you can take on your own to improve your quality of sleep!

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