Where To Find Church Pews

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Are you building or designing a new church or considering updating your old church furniture? Not sure where to buy church pews or even where to look to buy church pews? Since pews are such an integral part of the service today, you’ll want to find the best pews for your church. There are some second hand church pews or antique church pews available at auctions or online that will look just as beautiful as new pews, but be available for a fraction of the cost. You’ll want to keep the aesthetic of your church in mind, especially because the place of worship for many people is an essential location that they to go to find spiritual rest or comfort.
A Brief History of Church Pews
If you’re rolling your eyes and are thinking, “Church pews have been around forever,” you’re not far off. Pews have actually been in existence since the 13th centuries. Their most rudimentary form was stone benches placed against church walls. They’ve come a long way since then, especially in their permanent status. Pews weren’t a permanent fixture until the Protestant Reformation. Prior to this, church services were a more informal gathering where congregants walked around and talked with other members.
Some sects decided to use the now permanent pews as a method of generating revenue; renting a pew out to individuals or families was common for Anglican, Catholic, and Presbyterian churches. It became a social status and even a way to gossip-if someone was missing from the family pew, for example.
Finding the Perfect Pew for Your Church
Wood is the most common material that pews are made of, especially the hardwoods. Oak church pews for sale or sycamore pews can often be found as high quality examples of these. Also keep in mind the range of pew’s comfort level. Assessing the congregation is important–if it has a lot of the elderly or young children, having cushioned seating and padded kneelers might be very important for everyone’s comfort. If your congregation is more conservative and austere, a simple wooden bench or unpadded seat might be the best option.
Taking into your church’s color scheme may also be significant. If you’re a Catholic church, finding neutral colors that don’t clash with the different vestments for Easter, Christmas, Ordinary Time, etc., will affect your choice. Cream, red, and navy blue can be found in many churches. Kneelers are another aspect to consider, especially for churches that involve a lot of kneeling in their services.
Where to Buy Church Pews
So you’ve figured out what kind of pew you want in your church. Now, where to find them? Like stated before, going to online auctions or doing a quick Google search may yield bountiful results for secondhand pews. However, if you want yours new, there are plenty of companies that manufacture pews. Regular auctions and antique stores may be other places to find them.
It’s always good to update or refurnish church furniture now and again. You want to keep your place of worship looking fresh-it’s a sign of respect to not only the people who come to worship, but to what you come to worship. Good aesthetic is also sure to draw new followers into your church and keep them there.

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