The Top Three Reasons Why Your Furnace is Leaking Water

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The furnace is known for being a reliable source of heat for your entire home — so if you notice water leaking from your furnace, you might be a little confused, to say the least.

If you find yourself asking “Why is my furnace leaking water?” it could actually be due to a number of different causes. To figure out what’s wrong with your leaky furnace — and to decide whether or not you should seek out a local furnace repair — read this list of the three most common causes of leaking furnaces:

A condensation leak

Condensation leaks tend to be common in high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and are nothing more than a buildup of evaporated moisture. Normally, furnaces use cool exhaust and then pipes the condensation away from itself. However, broken, malfunctioning or clogged tubing could be causing the condensation to build up and leak from your furnace. In this case, a local furnace repair for your piping is simple. Standard-efficiency furnaces shouldn’t have this problem.

Secondary heat exchanger

If it’s not a condensation leak, then your furnace leak is probably being caused by problems with its secondary heat exchanger. This is the part of the furnace that converts cool air into warm air — and as a result, local furnace repairs for this part are highly expensive. In most cases, you’d be better off replacing your furnace entirely.

A leaking humidifier

Faulty furnace humidifiers aren’t normally an issue for homeowners who regularly keep up with maintaining their heating and cooling systems. However, if you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a professional look at your home’s heating and cooling, you might be experiencing furnace leaks due to its humidifier leaking. It’s essential to contact an HVAC specialist right away if this is the problem, as it could cause extensive damage to your furnace if left unrepaired.

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