The Top Advantages of Renting a Luxury Loft Apartment

Philadelphia loft apartment

It seems that the ever brewing rent vs. own debate is much of a debate anymore, and that’s because home ownership rates are the lowest they’ve been since 1995. Following the infamous Great Recession of the mid 2000’s, with thousands of Americans facing unemployment due to lay offs as well as foreclosures, the mindset of consumers has drastically changed. Perhaps the recession was the catalyst that re-imagined the clandestine American Dream. One thing is for sure, home ownership is no longer synonymous with success.

Those living in nations’s largest metropolitan areas, such as New York, Los Angeles, and the DMV area have long been aware of the advantages of renting the best apartments, especially lofts for rent. A loft apartment offers all the benefits of living in a home without all the hassle, inconvenience, and expense of owning one. In fact, most people — especially millennials who have little to no choice but to rent lofts and apartments — choose to rent luxury apartments for the sheer savings alone. The cost of owning a home fluctuates, due to rising and falling taxes, whereas the cost to rent luxury apartments stays the same, allowing renters to save and budget easier.

Another benefit those who choose to rent luxury apartments enjoy is the convenience. Imagine living in close proximity to public transit, as well as the best restaurants and entertainment venues, all for an affordable price?

Last but not least, the amenities city loft apartments offer is unmatched. Perhaps the Jefferson had it right when they moved on up to the east side. Learn more.

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