Buying a Luxury Home in Arizona

Buying a luxury home

In the Southwestern United States, Arizona is one of the coolest places to be. Six and a half million people call this state home, and the population is growing as people seek out AZ for its desirable climate with hot summers and mild winters. It’s a top location for first time home buyers or experienced homeowners who are buying a luxury home. Most buyers plan to live in their home for about 12 years, so it’s important to be sure of everything you want before committing to this big purchase. Working with a Realtor is one way to ensure you get access to the top luxury homes on the market. Many of the best properties go unlisted to protect the seller’s privacy and the only way to find them is through a well connected Realtor.

Architecture and style of the home you buy is one of the many things to consider, and Southwestern home plans are popular in AZ. Hacienda style homes, or those inspired by Spanish Colonial architecture and decor, are a great option for anyone looking to dive in to the local culture. Make sure to research different home styles and talk to several architects, ultimately choosing one with a good track record and a strong history of designing beautiful and practical homes. If you’re in the process of finding your dream home, here are some popular choices for people who decide to go with modern Spanish style architecture.

    1. Curved arches
    This refers to arches that frame doorways and windows, which is traditional in many Spanish style homes, as well as newer, more modern designs like curved steps, walls, or ceilings.

    2. Stucco exterior
    Stucco is a mix of cement and water that has been a decorative coating for architecture for hundreds of years. As a siding for homes, it is a popular choice because of its aesthetic appeal, durability, and low-maintenance. Stucco siding instantly gives any home a Spanish-inspired appeal.

    3. Terracotta roof
    This refers to the red, earthy clay seen on top of many Southwestern Spanish style homes. Originally terracotta was chosen due to its resistance to hot temperatures and for its durability over time, and long-time use has resulted in this roof style being associated with Spanish architecture.

    4. Decorative iron gates
    Wrought iron work is perfect as a carefully chosen detail to cover windows or doors, and unique gates or railings can be crafted as well to give any home a unique touch. Wooden doors, a common feature in Spanish homes, also benefit from having an iron gate overlay.

    5. Courtyards
    Before modern architecture became popular, Spanish homes almost always featured courtyards as a central gathering place for the family. The hot weather was perfect for spending time outdoors, so an outdoor living space was important.

    6. A sheltered patio
    Courtyards don’t usually have protection from the sun, but a patio can be a great option to allow family members to enjoy the nice weather while escaping the sun’s hot rays.

Have you recently purchased real estate in Mesa AZ? Do you know of any North Phoenix homes for sale? Buying a luxury home is a time consuming process and one of the most important decisions many people make in their lives. If you have any thoughts, advice, or ideas on what to look for when buying a luxury home in Arizona, please leave a comment below and share your experience.

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