So You’re Putting Your Home on the Market

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Maybe you’ve grown out of your home or you are just looking to grow roots in a new neighborhood, putting your place on the market can be fraught with obstacles. Finding a real estate agent is just the tip of the ice berg. Check out this teeny, tiny but comprehensive guide to selling your place.
Find a realtor you trust and like
You might be spending a lot of time with your real estate agent, so find someone you want to be around. They’ll tell you to list your home on Friday, that’s the best day. You can expect that you’ll be spending at least 10 weekends with them after that initial Friday listing. The good news is that 96% of home buyers use the internet to find their home, so the second you get your home posted, the bids can come rolling in!
Use every tool the internet has to offer
Buyers are using the internet for every step of their buying process: to compare home prices, research neighborhoods and search for what’s newly come to market. In addition, 75% of people use social media during their process. So don’t scoff at property listings on Zillow or home listings on Facebook. An immersive technique will be most effective!
Understand your Audience
Who are you even marketing your home to? What kind of buyer would want it? Keep in mind that in 2014, 33% of homes were purchased by first-time buyers. It also may be worth noting that 13% of home buyers in 2013 purchased homes that could accomodate several generations, like kids moving back home or parents moving in. When someone comes in to view your home, describe it the way they may use it. Suddenly, your basement becomes a beautiful en-suite for someones unemployed 24 year old daughter. See? Be sure to speak straight to your customers. That’s why finding a real estate agent who is likable is so important.
Your home doesn’t have to be on the market forever! Follow these steps and watch it get snagged. Find more on this here.

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