Six of the Most Luxurious Features for Your Dream Home

Luxury real estate

Buying your dream house is one of the most important investments you will ever make, so it’s important to do it right. What does it take to make sure you’re getting access to the best residential real estate agent who truly knows how to find the best dream homes? You should definitely check around and ask some previous clients if your Realtor truly has connections to prime luxury real estate in your area. Most buyers plan on living in their home for 12 years after the big purchase, so you want to feel confident that you’re getting a good idea of what’s on the market. Whether you’re currently trying to buy luxury real estate or you’re just interested in million dollar homes, here’s a list of some of the most luxurious features a home can have.

    1. An outdoor shower
    This feature is great if you live in a warm climate in the Southern U.S. or in the Western states. Of course, most showers are private, but imagine your shower space being somewhere you go to escape from the craziness of life, nestled in your backyard and surrounded by trees and greenery that protects you from unwanted visitors.

    2. A heated driveway
    Unlike the first luxury home feature, this is best for people who reside in colder areas that have harsh winters. A heated driveway means your car is less prone to getting icy and you won’t slip as you’re getting home or just leaving for an errand. This also creates a safer environment for children, who are prone to falling on icy ground.

    3. A fireplace in the bathroom
    How wonderfully relaxing would it be to cozy up in the bathtub with a good book, reading while listening to the crackling fire. Take this feature to the next level by getting a bathtub that doubles as a hot tub, so the water never gets cold.

    4. A movie theater
    Kids will love this one, as it’s a great place to have birthday parties. A home movie theater is also a great place to plan fun family nights that won’t bore the children.

    5. A glass floor
    This will spook your guests while also getting their attention and making a lasting impression. And what’s the point of having a glass floor if there’s nothing but dirt underneath? Consider putting in an oversized fish tank below your house, or having a manmade stream flow beneath some frosted glass.

    6. Waterslides
    Imagine having an indoor pool in the center of your new home, and the secret is that it can only be accessed by waterslide. Place waterslides in various hidden locations that only the family knows.

Do you have experience either buying or selling luxury real estate? Can you offer any advice on how to choose the best Realtor? If so, please share your experience in the comments below. We appreciate any advice you have to offer. See this link for more.

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