Help Your Community and the Planet by Giving Families and Children in Need Clothing Donations

Donation pick up

Did you know that donating clothing isn’t just good for your community but also for the planet? Many people know about giving their gently used clothing donations to charity in order to give families and children in need clothing. However, there are other benefits to donating clothing beyond that. Charitable donations can help you, your community, and the planet.

First, although it may seem self-explanatory, donating clothing is good for you because it allows you the opportunity to de-clutter your (and your children’s) closets. There are also tax advantages to donating if you itemize your deductions. In addition to helping with your cleaning, you can also feel good about knowing that you are helping others, and getting rid of what you know longer need is an important step in simplifying your home.

Giving children in need clothing donations is an excellent way to help out those kids and their parents in your city. For instance, because children grow up so fast, their parents may struggle with buying them appropriate outfits for school. Donating the gently used clothing that your children have grown out of is an excellent way to help others. And adult clothing is useful, too. Many who are struggling to find jobs need appropriate workwear, so there’s another great reason to clean out your closet.

When giving adults and children in need clothing donations, you may be giving to a charity that either donates directly to individuals or sells those items in a secondhand store, which is where approximately 20% of donations end up. However, many companies also recycle the excess clothing donations in order to help save the planet. That’s right — donating is actually the “green” thing to do. As much as 12 to 13 million tons of clothing wind up in the landfill, and 90% or more of those garments could have been recycled instead. By donating, you divert waste from landfills and help save the planet.

Want to know more about how your donations can have a positive effect on others and planet? Talk to one of your local charities to get more information. You can also leave a comment below if you have questions or would like suggestions on where to donate.

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