Is Indoor or Outdoor Storage Better for Your Belongings?

Rv storage unit

Self storage units have seen a boom in popularity over the last decade or so. Even people with attics and basements are choosing to store their odds and ends in a storage facility. Storage facilities give you the opportunity to keep extra clutter out of your home, yard, garage, etc. Storage facilities also work well for people who need to downsize their home or work space for one reason or another, but don’t want to get rid of perfectly good furniture, etc., they happen to currently have no room for.

There are different options for self storage units: indoor facilities, and container storage. But which is better for your use? Compare the two different types of storage units, and see which one works better for your storage needs.


  • Indoor: Indoor self storage units come in a variety of sizes, meaning you can store a number of different-sized items in there. You can also add shelving in order to better organize your stored items.
  • Container: Storage containers are available in a more limited number of sizes, and are therefore better suited for car storage, and the storage of bulky items, rather than household items.


  • Indoor: Indoor climate controlled storage prevents dampness and mold from damaging stored items. There is also no risk of damage from the infestation of rats, other rodents, and insects.
  • Container: Outdoor storage containers feel the effects of the both hot and cold weather, and cold and damp could get into the container and damage its contents. Pests are also able to enter the container, and can cause damage to your possessions.


  • Indoor: Indoor self storage units have layers of security, including locked units within a well-lit locked building, with an access-code security system, and security cameras.
  • Container: Outdoor containers can be locked, but often containers are only surrounded by a fence and are in plain view of passersby.

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