How a Professional Landscape Design Can Help Both Novice and Expert Gardeners Get the Yard They Want

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There’s nothing like a trip to a plant nursery to get you excited about all of the projects you could start in your gardening. However, even the most experienced gardeners can feel stumped when they get home with their new plants and shrubs. Where should you put these flowers? And what should you pair them with? The tags in their plastic pots are helpful, listing each plant’s requirements for sun, shade and water, but how do you plan out your garden so that each plant gets exactly what it needs while making your home look great? Few homeowners have enough time to answer these questions, plant their garden and get to the many other responsibilities on their plate. For this reason, many people hire landscaping services to create a custom garden design for their yard.

There are 401,473 landscaping companies in the United States. Between them, these companies generate an estimated $74 billion in annual revenue, and comprise a business that is constantly expanding: from 2009 to 2014, the U.S. landscaping industry grew by 4.0% every year. This success is due to the many benefits homeowners stand to gain by hiring a professional service to landscape their property, from increased property value to a beautiful outer appearance.

Creating a professional landscape design is one of the most common services a landscaping company will perform. Due to the many hours they spend in outdoors and in a plant nursery, a landscaping professional has the experience and practical skill to combine plants in a way that is not only beneficial to their growth needs, but is also aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, investing in an expert garden design allows homeowners to utilize as much of their land as possible, creating a beautiful environment for any number of outdoor activities and enjoyment.

In a study, four out of five Americans surveyed claimed that they kept their yard maintained at all times. This likely includes turning to a professional service to mow the grass, or doing everything from trimming the grass to planting flowerbeds on one’s own. Whichever category you fall into, a landscaping service can help you create the yard you want. Don’t let a trip to the plant nursery ruin your quest for the perfect garden: contact a landscaping service today! Read this for more.

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