Three Super Simple Things to Do When Flipping a House That Will Go a Long Way

Secrets to flipping houses

Flipping houses is becoming a very popular — and lucrative — activity for real estate investors (even Vanilla Ice is doing it!). In just four years, the home remodeling industry grew an impressive 10% and generates billions of dollars of revenue annually, partly due to the popularity of house flipping. If you’re thinking of becoming a house flipper yourself but are wary of all of the work that goes into it, here are a few easy tips to get you started.

Fresh paint
One of the easiest things to do when you’re flipping a house is to just add a fresh coat of paint to each room. This will effectively cover any scuffs or marks from furniture. Make sure that you fill any holes and make repairs to the walls before painting. You should also make sure to choose light colors to make rooms seem brighter and airier, and choose neutral colors so prospective buyers will be able to envision their own decor in the home without it clashing.

Add nice molding
Another quick way to upgrade the look of the interior of a home is to invest in quality crown molding. Not only does it offer a streamlined look for the house, but it’s relatively inexpensive and the new look goes a long way. Pay attention to the height of the ceilings when you buy the molding, though, since thick molding can make a room with low ceilings look smaller.

Add new exterior doors
Another one of the easiest flipping houses tips is to replace the exterior doors. Adding attractive new doors to a home is a quick update to the exterior of the house without spending tons of money on pricey landscaping or walkways. If you don’t want to buy new doors altogether, painting them with a fresh new color and adding some new hardware will help.

There are tons of secrets to flipping houses, but these are just a few tricks to get you started. Do you know any other quick and easy flipping houses tips? Let us know in the comments.

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