Three Great Reasons Why Assisted Living is the Best Retirement Living Option for You

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So you’ve retired — or are very close to doing so. Now what?

You have a major choice to make: do you stay in the home you’ve owned for decades, or do you move to a senior independent living community that will help you when you need it but also give you the freedom of your own living space?

It might seem like staying in your home is the right choice — but you may be surprised at all the ways you can thrive by choosing an independent living program.

Here are the three best reasons why you should consider an assisted or independent living community for your retirement:

1. Assistance when you need it: Did you know that about seven of every 10 seniors will need to seek long-term care after age 65? Whatever your needs are, you can be confident that the staff of your senior living home will be there to help you. Studies have shown that bathing is the most common activity that seniors seek help with when living in independent living centers, but there are a wide number of other ways you can be assisted every day.

2. No more maintenance and repair work: Sick of spending hundreds of dollars for contractors to perform repair work on your house — or are you just sick of mowing your lawn all the time? When living in a senior living community, you can kiss all these menial tasks goodbye. Any repairs will be taken care of by the community’s staff at no extra cost to you, and you’ll benefit from regular landscaping and lawn care as well.

3. You’ll have an active social life: Some 900,000 seniors across the country currently live in independent living facilities, meaning you will have no trouble making friends that are no more than a few steps away. Many seniors choose to live in these communities for this very reason!

No matter your needs or lifestyle, you can be assured that there are virtually endless reasons to choose a senior living community as you step into your retirement years. More: Links like this.

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