Weighted Therapy Blankets are Calming For Children With Autism

Sensory ball

With autism spectrum disorders comes a dysfunctional sensory system that more often than not causes one or more senses to be over- or under-reactive to stimulation. As a result, children with autism require special tools or accommodations to provide them comfort. One solution that has proven very helpful for many parents is weighted therapy blankets.

Weighted blankets for autistic children help to comfort them when they are in distress, and can be used during in a multitude of situations. When the child is awake, you can drape the blanket over his lap, or around his shoulders. A smaller weighted blanket can be used at home, at school, in church, and just about anywhere the child needs it. At nighttime, you can cover up your child with their therapy blanket, allowing them a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.

The deep pressure touch stimulation brought about by weighted blankets for autistic children produces in the child serotonin, which is a hormone that will help calm him and put him in a better, happier frame of mind. At nighttime, this serotonin will lead to the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps achieve a peaceful, restful night’s sleep.

Weighted blankets for autistic children are a simple yet effective solution for a common problem. A Child with autism cannot help his aversion to certain sensory stimulants, but a weighted blanket can go a long way to comfort him.

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