Is Your Roof Weather Damaged? Consider a Metal Roof!

Many people do not think about roof repair a lot. After all, a roof is something that is very easy to take for granted. It is just there all the time, and if it works, it does not cause any issues or draw a lot of attention. However, when the roof stops doing its job, then people realize just how important a roof is. For example, if the roof starts to leak, they will see just how important it is in terms of keeping out precipitation from the outside. This is why it is a good idea to know a little bit about roof repair, so that if you ever need to have it done, you are a little bit prepared.

For example, if you have a metal roof, you might want to be familiar with the basics of metal roof repair. If you are trying to decide on the material that will be used to build a roof, you might want to learn about aluminum roof vs shingles, which includes the matter of aluminum roof vs shingles cost. It is good to be aware of the approx cost of new roof, as budget is always an important consideration. You might also have questions, such as, are aluminum roofs good? A professional will be able to answer any questions for you.

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If you live in a climate prone to extreme weather, your roof may be a source of constant concern. If you’re tired of hail, wind and snow wreaking havoc on your roof, maybe it’s time to consider a metal roofing system.

Metal roofing systems can stand up to decades of abuse from heavy snow, high winds, hail, and even wildfires.

In high wind conditions, metal roofing systems have levels of wind and uplift resistance that exceeds current building code requirements. Metal roofs can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour with no damage at all.

Heavy snow is no problem either, and it’s a favorite choice in areas where homeowners are frequently forced to deal with snow build up. The smooth metal sheds snow quickly and easily, putting much less pressure on the structures underneath the tiles. This also means that melting ice and snow won’t collect in your eaves and leak into your home.

As for wildfires, metal roofing systems resist heat and any burning embers that land on your roof won’t ignite the tiles.

There’s a myth that metal roofing is louder when rain or hail hits it, when in fact the opposite is true. The best metal roofing features solid sheathing that will actually silence noise from poor weather often even better than other roofing materials.

The lifespan of your metal roof will differ depending on your climate and the pitch of your roof, but it will still last much longer than other materials. Asphalt shingles made of oil paper or fiberglass begin to deteriorate the moment you expose them to ordinary weather. Wood shingles and shakes usually require replacement after 20 years, and concrete tiles can warp and crack during freeze/thaw cycles. Metal roofs, however, will never decompose.

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