Fit Your Luxury Home With the Works!

Custom dream homes

What does your dream house look like? Does it have a huge foyer, a massive kitchen, grandeur bedrooms, and ample space for all your designer furniture?

If you answered yes to any of these, you may want to consider working with custom homes builders to come up with luxury homes plans that will make you salivate just looking at the blue prints.

Custom built homes are advantageous because you get to decide what the structure looks like, the types of rooms you want, and how big each one will be. You can go crazy figuring out if you want an open floor plan, if you want close off each room, and whether or not you want to have huge bay windows all over the house.

Here are some custom design homes trends that you may want to consider for your own house.

  • Wine Room. Instead of adding in a wine rack in your kitchen, or putting it next your China cabinet, why not designate an entire room to just wine? You can even have a seating area and a mini bar with glasses for people to sit, relax and make a day of it. It will significantly up the resale value of your house as well.
  • A Gym. Why invest in an expensive gym that you have to spend 15 minutes driving to? Create a separate area in your house just for gym equipment. You can buy top of the line treadmills, a stairmaster, an elliptical, and several free weights. If you feel inspired enough, you could even fit the room with a bunch of TV’s and audio hook ups to get a real gym feel.
  • Elevator. This may sound like an extreme, but if you have multiple floors, why waste all your energy climbing up and down the stairs? You could have an elevator put in to make it easier, so that when it’s midnight, and you don’t feel like hauling yourself up to the fourth floor to get to bed, you can ride the lift. It’s a little on the posh side, but it’s functional, and you won’t regret it.

Take a look at as many luxury homes plans you can to get an idea of what you want. Once you decide on a layout and tweak it to your taste, you can get to work building one of the most beautiful luxury homes on the block.

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