Decorative Outdoor Seasonal Flags

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Seasonal house flags are placed outdoors for the holidays including Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so on. They are decorative flags for outside that usually are garden flags because they are put in people’s gardens as a form of decoration. Most seasonal house flags are decorative flags. They can depict seasons, but they can also be customized for the personal interests, cover sports teams, or anything else that strikes a fancy in someone.

Some facts about flags:

* The study of flags is also known as Vexillology
* Yellow on a flag is a symbol of generosity
* The Romans were the first to use a cloth flag as a way to communicate
* The Romans also came up with the idea to attach a flag to a pole
* The hoist is closest to the flag pole and is used for connecting the flag to the pole and lifting it.

Seasonal house flags are often found in gardens, as mentioned before. In 2012, the number of American households that had self maintained gardens increased by two million households.
At least 50% of American households have gardened in the last 12 months. This averages out to 164 million people in the United States gardening in the last year. Interestingly, 54% of gardeners are female in the United States and chances are they have seasonal house flags. Approximately $29.5 billion dollars was spend on maintaining gardens in 2013 out of all households in the United States.

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