Confused about the Different Types of Water Filters? Compare Your Options Here

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If you drink your water straight from the tap, you may be putting yourself in danger. That may sound extreme, but it’s true: unfiltered drinking water can contain a variety of harmful contaminants, such as chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and volatile organic compounds that can all have a negative impact on your health if absorbed into the body. Additionally, when you drink unfiltered water, you may notice that it has an unpleasant odor or taste; this is caused by the chlorine often found in such water sources. For those who want cleaner water, there is a solution that is both cost-effective and advantageous to your health: using a water filtration system.

What are water filters? Water filters are used to remove harsh substances from our water to make it cleaner and better tasting. There are many different types of water filters available commercially for at-home use, so it’s important to know which type of filter will best suit your family’s needs.

Want cleaner drinking water but unsure where to start? Here are some of the different types of water filters available to improve the quality of your water:

1. Water filter pitcher: Water filtering pitchers are easy to use and convenient in many homes. They don’t require any special installation, and they can be stored easily in a refrigerator. All you have to do is fill the pitcher with water and cool it, and the pitcher will do the work for you. These are a great option for families with children who may not understand how to work a countertop filter, and it makes it easy to serve glasses of water at mealtimes. Most pitchers are generally inexpensive.

2. Faucet water filters: Some water filters can be mounted to a faucet, and they will have several settings for both filtered and unfiltered water. These filters are good for those who don’t want to store a pitcher in the fridge and may only require single servings of water at a time. They must be properly installed onto a faucet in order to work, but this setup is typically simple. Model prices vary, but there are many inexpensive options available.

3. Countertop water filters: These types of water filters are increasing in popularity, and they can often provide more complex water filtration than faucet filters and pitchers. Water goes through several stages of filtration in a countertop filter, and these filters require little to no installation. Countertop filters are good for those who need to remove more contaminants from their water, but it can cost more than pitchers and faucet filters.

4. Whole house water filtration systems: While these systems can be the most costly option of the bunch, having one of these in home water filtration systems installed can ensure that water is clean to drink and use throughout the entire house. These types of filters are especially beneficial for those who get their water from a well or other source, but they can be used for homes that use a municipal water supply, too.

You have many options when comparing the different types of water filters available for purchase. However, once you know how much you’d like to spend and what you will use the filter for, you and your family can narrow down the best choice. Not sure what you might need? Speak to a water filtration expert or leave a comment below. References.

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