How to Choose an Event Space for Bridal Shower

One of the most critical aspects of planning a bridal shower is settling on a venue. You have to consider the attendees, the bride, and their preferences. Since bridal showers are informal events, some venues are out of the question. Other aspects, such as the weather, may lead you to drop a potential venue.

A poor choice of event space for a bridal shower could mess up the whole event. Considering this is a one-time event, you probably want to make it memorable for the bride. Yet you could have so many options to choose from that it becomes confusing. Should you go to a restaurant or your backyard? Should you choose indoors or outdoors?

However, choosing an event space for a bridal shower shouldn’t cause anxiety. Considering a few factors, such as the bride’s preferences and the number of guests expected, you can settle on an event space that works for everyone. Here’s an ultimate guide on choosing an event space for a bridal shower.

Why it Matters What Event Space You Choose or Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an informal event. You can do it anywhere. The simple answer is yes. You can pick any location, a Mexican restaurant, a backyard, a rental, or a park. However, some considerations will make you lock out some options. It matters what you choose as an event space for a bridal shower for the following reasons.

For a Successful Event: The most obvious reason you need to make a good choice of event space for a bridal shower is to ensure it’s successful and meets the goals of a bridal shower. If you have an outdoor event that rains heavily, you can’t have the bridal shower.

For Guests’ Satisfaction: The bridal shower is about the bride. Most people are happy to tone down their preferences to keep the bride happy. However, it won’t benefit anyone if the guests leave significantly dissatisfied because of poor menu choices, lack of space, and poor patios decoration.

It’s a One-Time Event: According to Statista, there were 1.68 million marriages in the U.S. in 2020 alone. For some people, their first marriage is their last, and there’s zero chance they’ll have a second bridal shower. Therefore, they should have a memorable bridal shower in the first round.

How to Brainstorm for Potential Event Venue for Bridal Shower

If you’re planning a bridal shower for the first time, it may be unclear to balance different factors when settling on a venue. If you had someone plan for your bridal shower, you can try recalling what worked and what you would have improved. Before settling on a venue, you can brainstorm different options. Here’re some potential ideas for brainstorming:

  • Check online for event spaces for a bridal shower near me
  • Have a common friend ask the bride any potential ideas
  • Brainstorm past venues you’ve been to that impressed you
  • Call friends and family to hear their preferences
  • Consult a local event planner; they may have some suitable options in mind

Brainstorming will give you a place to start choosing an event space for a bridal shower. At this stage, there’re no wrong answers. After considering the following ten factors, you can start filtering what is unsuitable. Don’t be worried because you have a long list. It will help you cast a wider net on potential venues.

10 Factors to Consider before Choosing an Event Space for Bridal Shower

Planning for a memorable event, such as a bridal shower, will help you prevent surprises like lack of space. According to Events Outsourced, the primary reason most events fail is a lack of planning. If you don’t want your event to belong to failed events statistics here’re some factors to consider before settling on an event space for a bridal shower.

1. Bride Preferences

When choosing an event venue for a bridal shower, one of the most forgotten factors is the brides’ preferences. It’s easy to assume that the guest’s preferences and needs are the most important. However, the whole event is about the bride. Wouldn’t it be much better if they had a say in an event about them?

You can ask them directly how they envision their bridal shower to look. While you don’t have to do everything they prefer because of other considerations, you can keep their preferences in mind. If you’re planning a surprise bridal shower, you can ask their closest friends and family to ask the bride on your behalf.

2. Location

According to Southern Living, two bridal showers are acceptable. One of the reasons brides have two bridal showers is to accommodate family or friends who live far away. However, a central location could be better if you prefer to have one event. Therefore, location is a significant factor when picking an event venue for a bridal shower.

If most guests are near each other, you can choose a central venue. If most guests are from out of state, you can choose a location near airports. Consider other details such as traffic flow and transport options.

3. Budget

One of the biggest considerations on the venue is budget considerations. It is essential to stay within the budget if you organize two bridal showers. According to Bridal Shower 101, a bridal shower costs, on average, $15-45 per person. Typically, it’s not the bride who caters for the bridal shower, and it may end up in one or two people’s pockets.

Therefore, look for event spaces that are realistic in cost. You could even opt for a free venue with upgrades like your backyard. For example, you could call lawn care services to leave your lawn looking attractive. You could reduce your budget by opting for free venues and then decorating.

4. Capacity

Another consideration to make is capacity. You could have an amazing venue but have a higher number of guests. Therefore you have to ask if the space is sufficient for your guests’ needs. Does it have enough furniture? The rule is to have the potential for extra space, not less. While people could cancel last minute, it’s better to have extra space than cramped space.

You might also need wider space because of safety considerations. Using your own space, you can consider some home upgrades to create more space. For example, you can do deck construction to create more space. The good thing is you’ll have the deck after the bridal shower, and you can use it to organize for other events.

5. Accessibility

According to WHO, 15% of the world’s population lives with some disability. Therefore, you have to think about accessibility when picking a venue. For example, if you choose your outdoor home space as the event space, is the patio and deck accessible? If you have senior adults attending, can they easily access the venue?

However, accessibility is essential not only for people living with disabilities but also for other guests. For example, is the venue on online maps? Can someone access the venue without calling five times because they are lost? Can they access a cab, train, or public bus? Alternatively, you could have corporate event limos pick up guests at different pick-up spots.

6. Amenities and Services

Sometimes, it makes more sense to pick a venue than bring your amenities, equipment, and services. For example, you may choose an outdoor space, then bring your mobile toilets and changing rooms. However, it is less hassle if you get an all inclusive package with all the amenities you’ll need.

Choose a venue with the services you need to plan a successful bridal shower. You’ll need decoration. If the venue can offer d├ęcor options such as fall decorating and themed decorations, you will have one less provider to look for. Other services you might need are make-up services and photography.

7. Weather Conditions

Consider the weather conditions before settling on an event space for a bridal shower. An outdoor venue might be unsuitable during hot summers. However, cool winters may provide suitable conditions for outdoor events. If you have a home, you can set up an outdoor event but decorate the indoors if it rains and you have to move the event indoors.

An ideal venue would allow flexibility in doing an indoor or outdoor event. Weather conditions may also interrupt travel so ensure the location is accessible even in extreme weather. For example, a lake cabin on an un-leveled road might be unsuitable during rainy seasons.

8. Menu Options

A shallow menu will make the venue incomplete regardless of how great the venue is. If the venue has food and beverage options, ensure the menu is as diverse as the number of guests expected. You can opt for buffet options or if it’s a restaurant, allow each guest to make their orders.

If you host the bridal shower in your home, ensure your kitchen can make enough food. You could have a chef come and prepare a choice of meals or order from local restaurants. To make the event memorable, have memorable and delicious options such as adding the raspberry powder to make juices.

9. Capacity for Upgrade

You may book a venue before with a limited budget but then have extra few days before the event. It would be best to settle for a venue that allows upgrades. For example, if you expected 40 guests, but things change, can the venue hold 50? Even if you never do any upgrades, it would help to know that you can always do an upgrade if you wish.

When booking a venue, give a range over an exact figure. Ask if their package allows for an upgrade. Things may change a few days before the bridal showers, and having a rigid package may reduce your likelihood of having a successful event.

10. Sufficient Parking

Lastly, an important but easy-to-forget factor is packing. Imagine your guests having to go around several blocks to find packing. Even when they do, they may be anxious about a break-in throughout the party. Therefore, choose a venue with ample and secure parking.

Ample parking will reduce time wastage and increase accessibility to the location. If you opt to host at your home, you can do some renovations, such as paving the driveway, so it acts as a parking spot. Alternatively, you can organize parking in a nearby location before the event.

Booking an Event Venue

Now that you’ve settled on the type of venue you want, you can go ahead and book the venue. Here’re the steps to follow.

  1. Decide on the venue style, for example, theatre-style, and restaurant-style
  2. Settle on a final budget
  3. Create a list of potential attendees to estimate capacity needs
  4. Check accessibility
  5. Plan for activities such as games and dance
  6. Plan for logistics including food
  7. Pay a deposit if you are using a commercial space

Now you have the ultimate guide on choosing an event space for a bridal shower. The venue you pick for a bridal shower will define how the event turns out. A poor choice may even lead to event cancellation. However, if you pick a suitable venue, you, the bride, and the guests will make memories.

It’s best to include some guests before settling on a venue, especially to ensure you get a central location. Essentially, besides having a beautiful venue with great food and music, most of the considerations you’ll make are about people. Now that you know how to choose an event space for a bridal shower, you can plan one. Remember to have fun!

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