6 Things to Consider When Planning Your Reception

Your wedding is meant to be the first step into the rest of your life with your partner. One of the major challenges though can be making sure it doesn’t bankrupt you. People adapt to this in different ways, but if you’ve decided to have a smaller gathering, keeping things organized will allow you to navigate this busy time with grace.

Resources like this video are invaluable to the process. The best way to get rid of that nagging “I’m forgetting something” feeling is to look to others for advice.

Video Source

Perhaps they remembered what you forgot. This creator is going over some of the essential steps to planning a smaller wedding. Finding places that are the right size for your needs can be difficult. The wedding ceremony, the wedding reception venue, the overnight accommodations, even the location you take your photos will all depend on how many people you expect (and how many of them actually show). This is why early RSVP and related information is so essential. That number will lead the search to get your location.

If you’re still not sure what parameters to set for your wedding plan, this video also goes over some benefits of holding a smaller wedding. It can be more personal, cheaper, the food can be more specific to your guests, and clean up is easier to handle. At the end of the day, your friends and family are a great resource to consult. Remember that even though you’re the planner, you don’t have to do this alone!


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