10 Outdoor Wedding Shower Ideas

Wedding shower ideas don’t have to be tedious or complicated. If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding, you must have a great idea for the party before the big day. A garden is an excellent place for your wedding shower, especially if it’s close to the venue so that you can enjoy it with your guests. You can take pictures of the bouquet and the food or, even better, host a fair or barbeque there, and everyone can enjoy the fresh air from your backyard. If you’re on a budget, hire a professional photographer, and they’ll be happy to capture all of these moments. Here are some additional outdoor wedding shower ideas to get you started.

Plan Ahead

Planning is critical, especially when looking into outdoor wedding shower ideas. Try to find out how much time your guests need to be organized and that they can spend much time out doors while attending your wedding. Ensure your guests are comfortable outside in the summer or cold weather. It’s essential to plan for any weather and for the number of people who will be attending.

To make sure that your ideas don’t feel too similar, consider partnering up with another friend or energy company that can take on part of the duties. This way, you won’t feel as pressured. It’s always easier to relax and have fun when you know your duties are being covered by someone else.

Consider How You Will Decorate

Decorating is key when considering outdoor wedding shower ideas. You want to ensure that you have enough chairs and tables so that you do not have to worry about where your guests sit all day long while they visit with everyone else.

Deciding on the tone or theme for the wedding shower is something you should think about before you call your decorators. Some people prefer a more posh look, while others might want more modern decor. Some might be traditional, while others could go with rustic decorating styles.

If you have things you’re not using, such as window brands, you can use them for your wedding. Take a look at what you already own and consider how you could incorporate it into your wedding decorations. You don’t have to spend on something new when you can create a lovely centerpiece with things already in your home.

Have a Backup Plan

A backup plan is one of the outdoor wedding shower ideas that will ensure you are prepared for any scenario. Think of your best alternative location, and then add adjustments for the likelihood that everything will go right.

You want to know what you need to do if there is a thunderstorm. You want to know what you need to do if it rains before the shower and you are standing around in your beautiful outfit. You want to know what you’ll do if the venue changes at the last minute.

One of the backup plans for the shower is to find an alternative location. If it is going to rain or you don’t like the venue, then there are other locations that you can consider. If you find that the venue you are considering will not work, it might be better to go with a less expensive location if this becomes an issue.

If the venue in which you are thinking of holding your outdoor wedding shower doesn’t have asphalt paving or allow tents, then other vendors may be able to help.

Decorate Outside

Decorating outside is another great tip for planning outdoor wedding shower ideas. If possible, decorate the tents or covered areas according to your theme or color scheme so that things look consistent throughout the entire area. You can work with a window coverings company to have your windows match your theme color.

The outside is the perfect place to plan a wedding shower. There are so many unique, stylish, and exciting ideas for places to host your shower. You can have the wedding at the beach. Some dunes provide a fun backdrop for planning games and decorating in beautiful hues of blue. You can also have a large table set up right by the ocean with various games in which guests can participate. It is perfect for a laid-back party with nothing but the ocean and sand as your backdrop.

Another great spot to host your celebration is at a park. There are quite a few parks within driving distance that can fit the theme of your event. You can have a fun scavenger hunt in the woods, leading you to the most exciting spots that would make great backgrounds for photos. You can also use this location to set up some games and activities to get everyone involved in the festivities.

Decorate the Food Tables

Decorating the food tables is one of the outdoor wedding shower ideas. The decorations, in conjunction with the food and desserts, set the tone for not only the mood of the party but, more importantly, are emblematic of what your guests will be enjoying on their plates all night.

Whenever possible, try to work with your tastes and style so that you don’t end up with a whole bunch of cookie-cutter food tables that look like everyone is at the same party. Don’t forget to include some personal touches, like decorating wedding favors or the place card tablecloths for each table if you know what you want your theme to be.

Meat, poultry, and fish will serve as great conversational starters on your tables and be a perfect conversation piece. And if you want to keep the food on the tables, we’ve included a few tips on keeping hot food warm and cold food cold, such as heating lamps and fancy ice cubes. To enhance privacy, you can consider installing a backyard fence before the wedding day.

Have Fun

Having fun is one of the outdoor wedding shower ideas. The point of a wedding is to celebrate the new life. To do that, one must be joyous and happy and feel refreshed after the event. By keeping your entertaining side up with fun ideas, you’ll have a much more memorable event and enjoy every moment.

One fun idea is having a scavenger hunt. It is an excellent way to get people talking and enjoying the beautiful weather in your area. For this, you need a list of items your guests will need to find and bring back to you, who will be the judge. The shower guests can put on their best bikinis and participate in this sunny outdoor idea by going off with their group and finding hidden objects. Before or after the scavenger hunt, you can enjoy refreshments from your wedding host or hostess while waiting for all the hunt participants to return.

Another favorite idea is the photo booth. A photo booth is a nice touch and will add to your outdoor wedding ideas. It can be so much fun as you capture every memory in print to look at and cherish forever. You could have pictures taken individually or put everyone together for fun group photos. When preparing the yard for the big day, you can hire powered spreaders and landscape designers to help you have your outdoor space looking great.

Remember the Wedding Cake

Another essential tip to remember is your wedding cake when organizing outdoor wedding shower ideas. The wedding cake is undoubtedly the centerpiece of any reception, but even the most delicious cake can be rendered almost irrelevant if it lacks presentation. You want to ensure that you provide a way for people to eat the cake. It can be very unpleasant for them if it’s too hot or rainy.

As with any centerpiece or other dessert, you should keep visible food out of sight as much as possible. Aside from using the new pint-size glass jars made especially for displaying cakes and cookies at wedding receptions, leave plenty of space between the cake and other desserts by setting it off on a table near one side or top of a center table.

If you’re using a fancy cake stand or pedestal to display the cake, consider setting it on ice to keep it fresh and prevent the fondant or frosting from sweating. A glass vase can also be wrapped in pretty paper and decorated with flowers.

Borrow the idea of a cake knife from caterers by including a decorative knife along with the regular cake servers, which can be much more attractive than another set of forks. If you want to give your visitors extra incentive to go for one of your signature treats, tie tiny packages of different flavorings and sprinkles to each server so guests can enjoy their custom-flavored sheet cakes at home. You can get mulch from the nearest mulch shop to make your plants grow faster before the big day. It enriches the souls, speeding up growth.

Try a Fishing Shack

The fishing shack is among the outdoor wedding shower ideas. It’s rustic and secluded, and there are a lot of natural decorations. Brides and grooms will feel like they’re out on the water, even if it’s just a few feet away. To continue this theme, you might consider having a fishing net or string hung from the ceiling of your wedding venue. You can do this with beautiful vintage-style tin cans attached to a piece of rope or natural twine. Just cut holes in them for the wires leading up to your light sources. You’ll find vintage and wooden crates at any craft store or home improvement center that are perfect for this project.

The best places for wedding photo shoots are those that have been renovated and where there is enough space and doors so all of your guests can gather quickly.

Decorations can vary from simple to extravagant, depending on your taste and budget. For an elegant wedding reception, try adding items such as wooden bowls filled with pinecones on tables or adornments hanging from beams in the ceiling.

Consider a Wine Tasting Garden or Picnic Area

Looking at the picnic areas is helpful when considering outdoor wedding shower ideas. You’ll have more guests able to come if they don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. They won’t feel worried about how to dress for an outdoor party in the summer.

In the spring, you can hold a rustic wine tasting party in a garden. You can provide glasses and food with stemware. You can have a fence installation service before the wedding to enhance security and privacy in your garden.

If you have a family that loves collecting heirlooms or antiques, think about having the wedding party in an old antique shop or flea market. In the summertime, you can arrange for food and a group of tables to be set up in an outdoor picnic area away from the main party, where guests can enjoy their meals with wine and food. You could also do this indoors with some temporary walls to create a little enchanted forest.

Hire Food Trucks

If you want a food truck theme for your outdoor wedding shower ideas, consider having the pre-party at a time before everyone needs to get dressed. The pre-party can have those closest to you come over early and have fun together.

When preparing your outdoor space for an outdoor wedding, you can use fertilizer on plants to make them look healthier before the big day. You could have potluck-style dishes from your favorite food trucks or local eateries, which would be more fun for everyone. You could also rent a food truck for guests who like to mingle and don’t want to stay seated for hours.

These outdoor wedding shower ideas are perfect for any couple looking for a simple, elegant, and classic party. From the food to the decorations, these ideas are helpful as you plan your wedding shower. They’ll help you create a unique and one-of-a-kind outdoor wedding shower theme. And remember, the novelty of an outdoor wedding party never fades. The more you think about these ideas, the more possibilities you’ll see.

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