How to Paint Popcorn Celings

Are you moving into a new house soon? There may be a number of things that you need to do to get the house to the point where you are happy with it. This could include painting on a fresh coat of paint. However, this can be difficult when it comes to popcorn ceilings. Normal paint rollers often have trouble distributing the paint into the crevices.

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Thankfully, there is a little known simple fix to this problem. In this vide, you will learn how to paint a popcorn ceiling.

The trick to painting a popcorn ceiling is all in the nap length of the roller. Nap length is essentially the length of the bristles on the roller. Most traditional rollers don’t have long enough bristles to paint popcorn ceilings well. However, there are long one inch nap paint rollers available. You will need one of these long-bristled paint rollers. These long bristles will do the job. You will find that painting a popcorn ceiling is now a breeze. Make sure to buy a paint roller that has a long enough handle to reach the ceiling. You don’t want to be stuck with a stubby paint roller that only gives you another foot of reach.


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