Wedding Decor: What Fits Your Theme?

In this YouTube video, iam IrisLove discusses several different wedding themes, each with its own wedding decor. Wedding decor plays a huge factor in the tone and setting of a wedding celebration.

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Romantic decorations will provide a lot of pinks, reds, and flowers in strategic locations.

The shape of lights and candles should be considered. It’s helpful if the wedding cakes are white with flowers or lace as accents.

Vintage themes will include strands of ivy, real or fake, small lights, such as white Christmas lights wrapped around beams or support structures. Iron or brass fixtures should be included, like old-time lanterns, time-pieces, or locks. Consider including items covered or decorated in lace.

Rustic wedding decor embodies symbolism that signifies overcoming hardships. Country-like decorative items, painted wooden blocks, or even old horseshoes can be placed around the venue for an added touch. Flowers can be stood up in old metal flowering pots or dried and stuck in empty vases as centerpieces for tables.

Bohemian wedding decor shows off a wild and free-natured spirit. Veils can be strands of fabric hanging from a halo instead of a large lace piece of cloth. Flowers can be added to hairstyles and tree branches can be wrapped around the wedding cake as an accent.

A classic wedding theme includes soft lights, several white flowers, lots of glass and crystal fixtures, and unique plates from which to eat. Wedding party decor should stick to white with beige or light-colored flowers.

Contemporary and minimalist decor is clean and straightforward. Decorations should include straight-lined objects in one or two tones of color, and things should only be included if necessary. Less is better.

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