13 Details You Can’t Forget When Preparing for Your Wedding

Every weekend, there are approximately 44,230 weddings that take place. There are thousands of details to manage when trying to plan your wedding. It’s highly like that you might forget a thing or two. Here are 13 details you can’t forget about when preparing for your wedding.

Perfecting Your Smile

When preparing for your wedding, you will want to make sure your smile is perfect for your wedding photos. You can perfect your smile by having a consultation with cosmetic dental services. There are a wide variety of procedures and treatments they can perform to help you look your best. These options will depend on your unique needs and budget.

If your wedding is coming up soon, you may want to consider a teeth cleaning and whitening treatments to restore and refresh your mouth. To achieve the best results with whitening, make an appointment at least a month in advance. If your wedding is several months away, there’s plenty of time to correct damaged teeth with bonding or invisible teeth straightening. There are clear braces available that can straighten your teeth without being noticeable in pictures.

Selecting Your Wedding Jewelry

After picking out the perfect dress, it’s important to choose the right jewelry and accessories to accentuate it. When selecting these pieces, keep it as simple as possible. Ideally, you will want to wear jewelry that is comfortable to wear for an extended period of time and that makes you feel beautiful. Select one or two pieces that complement your wedding dress. For example, you may want to choose smaller earrings that won’t snag or a simple necklace to accentuate a low cut dress.

You may want to consider consulting a custom jeweler to create memorable pieces that memorialize your special day. This could be engraved wedding rings with special messages or pieces that represent special moments in your journey as a couple. Choose pieces that match in the type of metal and color of gemstones. Bring a friend along with you when shopping that you trust to give you good advice on selecting the right wedding jewelry. Have your jewelry shined up by a professional with roller burnishing before your big day.

Planning Pre-Wedding Parties

Preparing for your wedding also involves planning pre-wedding parties to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. The first party you may want to focus on is the engagement party. This should be held as soon as you settle on a date for your wedding so you can answer any questions guests may have. Keep it casual with no gifts required. Think a simple party with a few drinks and maybe some appetizers.

The other main events you will not want to overlook is the bachelorette party and the bachelor party. These should be held one to three months before the wedding. It may not be a good idea to have it the night before because then everyone may be hungover. It can also make you look terrible in your wedding photos. Give yourself enough time to rest and recuperate so you can truly enjoy your special day.

Choosing a Bridal Shower Location

Another detail you may not want to miss when preparing for your wedding is choosing a bridal shower location. You will need to consider your budget when selecting a venue. Figure out what style or theme you would like to have. Perhaps you would like to have a celebration party aboard a cruise on a sailboat charter or a quiet rustic celebration in a private garden. Think about the number of guests and the space you will need.

When thinking about a bridal shower location, keep in mind hidden costs that may be involved. Does the venue charge a minimum amount for catering to be able to host a party there? Will you need to get insurance? Does the venue have enough chairs and tables or will you need to rent them? Ask multiple venues for all the costs that may be involved before you sign any contracts.

Selecting Party Favors

One thing that you may not put much thought in when preparing for your wedding is selecting the best party favors. You don’t want to spend good money on something that guests may just toss in the trash shortly after receiving it. Consider giving something useful or that guests can enjoy during their ride home. Items like cake pops, roasted coffee, or candles are popular favorites. Make your wedding day fun with custom party cups that guests may want to take home as a souvenir.

You can make party favors more enticing for guests by personalizing them. Match the favors with your wedding colors and textures. Crystal glasses may be more appropriate for an elegant wedding, while flower scented candles may be more appropriate for a backyard wedding. Save yourself some time ordering pre-made favors rather than trying to make favors yourself.

Repairing Damaged Hair

Your wedding day puts you at the center of attention with everyone you love. This is no time to have a bad hair day. A hair specialist can help you with restoring damaged hair so you can look and feel beautiful on your special day. Get your hair trimmed and deep conditioned on a regular basis prior to your special day. Taking vitamin supplements can help you with healthy hair growth. Have color touch-ups done about a week before your wedding date.

Getting Technology in Order

The fine details with wedding entertainment can often get overlooked when preparing for your wedding. If you have a wedding DJ, you want to make sure that plans are finalized for what music is to be played and when. Do they have all the equipment they need such as AV systems, microphones, and other electronic items? Think about all the various moments where music may be needed during your wedding and make sure everything is covered.

Making Weather Contingencies

It can be easy to overlook what the weather may be like when you are preparing for your wedding. The weather is highly unpredictable no matter what season. You may want to have a backup location for your wedding and reception if you plan to get married outdoors. It also helps to have a contingency for wedding photos with the photographer. Check the weather forecasts often the week or two before your wedding so you can make any last-minute adjustments.

If you can’t find a second location for your wedding, make a plan to protect your guests. You can use enclosed tents to keep out rain and wind. Invest in a generator and heating or cooling equipment to keep guests comfortable. You may want to consider having rain ponchos and umbrellas to help guests stay dry. Think about what the weather could be like on your wedding day and make plans accordingly.

Designated Person in Charge

You may not be aware of how hectic your special day will be when preparing for your wedding. The day will be filled with so many activities that you may find it hard to even sit down and eat. You may want to consider having a designated person in charge to handle all the details during your wedding day. This person could be a trusted family member or friends who can take care of the wedding decorations and handle any decision making that may be needed. If you can, you may want to consider hiring a professional who is experienced with many of the common issues that can come up.

The designated person in charge can also make sure that vendors expecting payment the day of receive the payments and tips they are due. Make sure they have the money they need along with any specific instructions. Have the designated person in charge take care of the cleanup responsibilities after the wedding and reception so you don’t have to worry about it. Ask for help in advance from family and friends to make sure rented equipment is returned and gifts are collected.

Guest Accommodations

When preparing for your wedding day, it can be easy to overlook what accommodations your guests may need while attending. If your guests are coming in from another state, they will need a place to stay while they visit. You may want to book a room for them or spruce up a guest room. Make a list of fun and interesting things they can experience during their stay. It’s also important to think about transportation to and from the event for your guests and wedding party.

It’s also important to think about the accommodations you may need to make when preparing for your wedding menu. Many people have food allergies that can cause serious health issues. You can easily ask guests if they have food allergies on the RSVP card they will need to fill out for your wedding. This can tell you what accommodations you need to make so you can pass this information on to your catering company. Make sure you think about the meals for vendors and your bridal party as well.

Where to Get Ready on Your Wedding Day

When preparing for your wedding, you will need to think about where you and your wedding party will get dressed on the big day. Consider how much space you will need and how far it will be from the venue. Will your spouse be getting ready there as well or at a different location? Keep in mind that you will probably have pictures being taken while you are in the process of getting ready. You will want the space to be clean and well lit.

You may want to consider getting ready in a hotel room or similar location to avoid the stress of cleaning. Make sure there are plenty of mirrors and places for people to change clothing. You will also need plenty of outlets to plug in hairstyling equipment as well as space to lay out makeup. It’s also good to have light snacks such as fresh fruit and bottled water available so no one gets hungry or light headed during the ceremony. Make a playlist of your favorite tunes to help energize you for the day.

Have Your Important Documents Ready to Go

There are so many things you will have to pack up in preparing for your wedding day. You need to have luggage ready for your honeymoon, supplies bagged up to get ready for the ceremony, and decorations to carry to the venue. Make sure you don’t forget to bring the important documents you will need on your big day. This includes the wedding license you will need to sign after the wedding and photo ID and passports for your honeymoon. You may want to include photography permits and vendor contracts as well.

Keep these documents in a safe place where you won’t easily forget them. You can lock them up in your glove compartment for safekeeping and easy access. If you are hiring a wedding coordinator or have a designated person in charge, you can give them these documents to have ready for you when you need them.

Touch Up Bag

Having a touch bag ready when preparing for your wedding is another detail brides overlook. You want to look your best throughout the day and handle any beauty emergencies that may come up. You don’t want to be scrambling when a fake eyelash comes off from crying or one of your fake nails pops off. Pack some lipstick, eyelash glue, hairspray, and nail glue for your acrylics in your touch up bag. You’ll always be photo-ready throughout your special day.

Preparing for your wedding takes a tremendous amount of effort, but it’s worth it once you walk down that aisle. By making sure that you have all the fine details covered, you can relax and truly enjoy your special day. Instead of stressing and scrambling at the last minute trying to care of something you forgot, you can focus more on the love you share as a couple and cherish every moment creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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