Tips For Throwing an Intimate Backyard Wedding During COVID: Social Distancing and More

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, people still have major events occur in their lives. If you’re planning a careful, intimate event, you’ll want to be sure that you know what you’re doing. Find somewhere with inexpensive face masks for sale. That way, you have them available as a backup for guests. You should also make sure that everyone feels well and shows no signs of current virus symptoms. The best way to keep track to find a disease symptoms list from a trusted source then uses that as a checklist for yourself and your guests. If anyone shows early symptoms of corona, they should skip the event and go home.

There are some resources that will allow you to say, here are my symptoms what do I have? While they might not be entirely accurate, they can help give you possibilities to consider. It might be allergies or it might be Covid. However, it is better to stay safe. So if you or a guest shows signs of Covid, they should isolate and everyone in contact should quarantine according to medical advice.

Did you know that each weekend an average of 44,230 weddings takes place? Unfortunately, that number has dwindled down and been severely affected ever since the spread of COVID has taken its hold on the country. However, what does this mean for the thousands of brides and grooms that were hoping to wed this year? Do they have to cancel their wedding? Not necessarily! If you’re impatient or determined to marry your partner as soon as possible, plan an intimate backyard wedding instead.

You don’t have to be a talented wedding planner to pull this off. Just follow these next few tips to plan the wedding of your dreams, while remaining responsible and considerate during the coronavirus pandemic.

Find Your Venue

According to CDC guidelines, if you wish to have a get-together of people, it’s best to hold the event outdoors. Being out in the open air slightly decreases the chance of contagion. Keep in mind that it doesn’t completely eliminate the risk, though.

Therefore, when having your wedding, consider an intimate backyard wedding, instead.

This is the best course of action you can take. After all, if the country shuts down again, you don’t want to risk losing another venue — and an expensive deposit!

Hire Only Essential Services

Since you’re now planning a small intimate backyard wedding, only hire people whose services are absolutely crucial. You want to cut your contact with other humans as much as possible. For example, you don’t need an ice sculptor or a live band with a smaller wedding. There simply isn’t enough room.

You can have your family and friends lend a hand. Have a buddy of yours hook up their phone to a Bluetooth speaker and play music all night long. Ask a friend to take a few photos of the ceremony. Additionally, if you have family members that don’t mind cooking, you won’t need to hire caterers.

Furthermore, you can have a potluck style reception following your wedding to further enforce social distancing.

Send Wedding Invitations Out Online

Sending physical invitations to all of your guests can pose a risk. Limit any possible contamination and send out electronic invitations instead. You’ll also be able to update your guests if your wedding ends up cancelled.

Consider creating a wedding website or sending out a mass email chain. You can include all of the usual details such as:

  • the time
  • the date
  • the location
  • the time of the reception

Prepping the Backyard for Your Wedding

Though holding an intimate backyard wedding is smaller and less stressful to plan, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to take a few precautions!

Trim the Trees

Imagine this. You’re walking down the aisle in front of all your family and friends when a large tree branch falls and lands in the middle of your yard! Not only is this embarrassing, but this blunder can also seriously injure someone! Get tree pruning services beforehand. Your yard will look wonderful, you’ll have the chance to support a local business, and you won’t have to worry about a giant tree branch landing on the bride!

Take Care of Any Other Landscaping Duties

Aside from getting the trees trimmed, you should also consider shrub trimming to make the yard look cleaner and more presentable.

You can also ask your landscaper to cut them into shapes for your big day.

Pest Control

Having mosquitos snacking on your guests non-stop can ruin your wedding. Additionally, you don’t want ants crawling up their legs when it’s time to cut the cake! Therefore, take action before your big day and call a pest control business to prevent the bugs from taking over before the bride can even say ‘I do.’

Decorating the Backyard

If you’re concerned about having an intimate backyard wedding, throw those fears out the window! Your wedding can still look luxurious, even if your backyard doesn’t look like the Four Seasons.

Get Fresh Flowers Delivered

Ask a florist in your area if they do contactless deliveries.

Gorgeous flowers can certainly dress the area up. If you’re not spending a lot of money on your venue and catering, pour most of it into unique floral arrangements to make your intimate backyard wedding look like a million bucks.

Hang up Banners

Since an intimate backyard wedding is typically a small event, get creative with the decorating to compensate. Hanging up banners is one way to take the space from a boring backyard to the wedding venue of your dreams.

Add a Cocktail Bar

You can also build a beautiful cocktail bar with limited space. If someone in your family has a talent for recommending wines and mixing cocktails, ask them to bartend. You and your partner can even come up with your own specialty drink for your special day.

Utilize Lights

If you choose to have your wedding ceremony in the evening, consider hanging up string lights to illuminate the night sky.

Pick a Theme

Theming your small intimate wedding will make the decor process so much easier! If you love the romantic aesthetic of the 1950s, consider an old school Hollywood glam theme. Play Sinatra over the speakers and serve sparkling champagne. If you want something modern, opt for the popular and cozy farmhouse theme. Serve your drinks in mason jars and add farm to table floral arrangements onto the tables.

You can also use simple colors to create a theme. Add blush everywhere. Black is also an elegant and regal color that will never go out of style.

Use a Tent

In case of inclement weather, you want a tent over your head to protect you and your guests! There are various different kinds of tents — for example, you can opt for a clear top tent to see the beautiful sky overhead. You can also rent a structured or framed tent. These tend to be more spacious, sturdy and can house heavier equipment like large speakers.

Add a Dancefloor

Make sure to end the night with a ton of dancing! Your guests will have a memorable time. However, if you choose to have an intimate backyard wedding, you’ll have to rent or create your own dancefloor.

Use tiles that snap into place. This way, you have complete control of the dimensions and shape, so it fits in your yard perfectly. Having a proper dance floor will also ensure that no one will slip and fall at your wedding!

Have Yard Games

After the ceremony, you don’t want your guests to be bored. Bring out some fun yard games for everyone to entertain themselves.

Set Up and Outdoor Photo Station

If you can’t hire a photographer because of COVID-19, set out disposable cameras and ask your guests to take photos for you. This is a fun and unique way to get your loved ones involved. Not to mention, waiting to get your film developed will be a journey in and of itself.

Keep Your Guest List Small

Throwing that 200-person wedding may not be the most responsible thing to do during a pandemic. Reduce your guest list as much as possible. Unfortunately, Grandma and Grandpa shouldn’t attend. Seniors are at a higher risk for contracting the virus.

Hire Someone to Sanitize the Common Areas Often

To eliminate the risk of a loved one contracting the virus even further, take a few more precautions. Hire someone to clean up the common areas of the yard often. Use a strong cleaning or disinfecting solution to get rid of any lingering germs on hard surfaces such as chairs and tables.

If you can’t afford to hire someone, ask a relative to disinfect these areas. You can also set up disinfectant wipes and spray bottles throughout the wedding so that your guests can clean up and area before and after they use it.

Encourage the Use of Masks

Wearing a mask is another huge way you can protect yourself and others! Encourage your guests to wear one when interacting with others. It may not be the most comfortable option; however, according to the CDC, it eliminates particulates in the air from transmitting to another person.

Wearing a mask also discourages guests to touch their mouth after shaking hands or hugging others — which is a significant way that the disease can be transmitted.

Set Up Hand Sanitizer Stations

You’ve likely seen these at most grocery stores and essential businesses — so why not add a hand sanitizer station to your intimate backyard wedding? Hand sanitizer is a great way to kill germs when you don’t have easy access to soap and water.

Use hand sanitizer that contains more than 60% alcohol for the best results.

Have a Loved One Marry You

If you’re planning to have a small backyard wedding, know that part of the charm lies in the intimacy that comes with such an event. Make it a family orientated day. You can even ask a close friend or relative to perform the ceremony.

Getting ordained is simple, and if you have had to cancel your wedding because of coronavirus previously, hiring a friend ensures that your minister won’t cancel on you.

Consider Live Streaming the Wedding For People Who Can’t Make it

If you uninvite someone who is at risk, remind them that it’s for their safety. It’s nothing personal! If you want them to experience your special day regardless, live stream your intimate backyard wedding. Ask someone who is attending to record it through their phone and stream the footage on social sharing sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

Encourage Guests to Stay Home if They Feel Sick

Now’s not the time to make a strict RSVP policy for the day of your wedding. Remind people on your wedding invitations that if they’re feeling sick the day of your wedding, they should stay home to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus.

Remember, the common signs that someone has been infected include:

  • a fever
  • loss of taste and smell
  • coughing
  • shortness of breath

Keep Your Guests Six Feet Apart

When creating your seating arrangements, make sure to keep a six foot distance between your guests. Opt for bigger tables for your reception, and spread the chairs apart during the ceremony. This is another reason why shrinking your guest list down is so crucial.

Plan a Responsible Honeymoon

Travelling may not be the best idea right now. Put your honeymoon on hold, and instead celebrate your new marriage in one of these next few ways.

  • Consider driving to a nearby town instead of traveling somewhere internationally. Ensure the hotel or resort you stay at is putting safe COVID measures into place.
  • If you love the outdoors, go camping! This is a safe way to keep your distance from others.
  • You can also plan a stay-cation at home. Lounge in pajamas and watch your favorite movies. You can also order takeout from your favorite restaurant to commemorate the night.

Wrapping Up

Having an intimate backyard wedding is the most responsible way to get married to your loved one amidst this global pandemic. Ensure you’re following these guidelines for a safe and memorable ceremony. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re getting to spend the rest of your life with someone who thinks the world of you. Remember this, and your small wedding will certainly feel grand.

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