How to Make Hardwood Furniture Work for Your House

Your home speaks volumes about you. A cozy home will not only grant you personal satisfaction but also give you a sense of confidence. interior designers recommend that we update home décor every five to ten years. The new décor can only get better than the previous one.

One sure way of achieving a warm, elegant home is playing around some hardwood. The good thing is, you can customize your wood to suit your personality. Here are tips on how you can infuse art and craft style furniture into your home.

Set a Theme

There is so much you can choose from. Whether you want stained or polished furniture for the living room or any other rooms, the choice is yours. You can also choose a vintage or modern theme, and both are enchantingly beautiful. Also, wood comes in a variety of textures. Before heading out to a furniture store, ensure you know what you want.

Choose Matching Wood Colors

Hardwood furniture come in different shades. However, before settling on one, put into consideration other colors in your house. For instance, the kitchen is white; choosing a lighter stained dining table would be the best idea. If you have velvet living room furniture, blend that with some deep mahogany tables.

Although contrast is a good idea, complementary wood tones ooze more warmth and elegance.

Mixing Old and New Furniture

While updating your home, especially if there is wood involved, you might not be sure what to do with the old furniture. If you are an enthusiastic homeowner, you might have attached sentimental value to some of your pieces, such as your loveseat or dining table.

However, worry no more because you can blend your new bedroom furniture, for instance, with the old pieces. The mixture will add character to your room.

Go Green

Although hardwood colors will go well with a lot of colors, green is one of the best. However, not all shades of green will do the trick. For breathtaking results, use flora and fauna greens. These are warm colors that, when combined with wood, are beyond beautiful, and add life to your home.

Choose the Right Textile for Your Wooden Furniture Design

Wood will go a long way in transitioning your home. However, updating your home décor goes beyond just choosing the best dining table, office furniture, or any other piece you decide to invest in. You must go the extra mile and choose the right fabric to go hand in hand with your furniture.

Although almost every type of fabric will work correctly with wooden furniture, you need to be keen. Choose quality rugs and linen tablecloths to add a subtle touch to the stiff wood.

Choosing the Right Hardwood

In most cases, your current furniture dictates the color of wood you choose. However, if you are starting from scratch, choosing the right wood color might prove difficult. Explore some wood colors before choosing.


If you are looking for wood that will leave your house or office looking luxurious, then oak is the best pick for you. It seems good beneath vanish and can be used to make a wide range of furniture. Oak would make a perfect craftsman style dining table.


Maple will give you a lighter shade compared to most hardwoods. Mostly, it is preferred to make kitchen utensils due to its high water resistance. It is also arguably strong.


Its appearance is close to oak, although it is slightly lighter. It is also not very thick, hence a good option for curved furniture.


Walnut is lighter in weight compared to other hardwoods. It has a color close to dark chocolate, hence looks very beautiful in a room with bright colors. Using a walnut to make stand-alone items will make a statement in the room.

Top it up With Perfect Lighting

Whether you’ve chosen modern or vintage hardwood furniture, perfect lighting is what you need for a touch of sophistication. Choose the right lighting, which complements your furniture. Some of the ideas to consider include chandeliers, wall scones, pendant lights, and flush mount lighting.

Investing in hardwood furniture for your home is something you will never regret. Besides the furniture’s elegant look, it is also durable, hence giving you value for your money.

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