How to Maintain a Healthy Working Environment

The environment in which your employees work affects the quality of their work and their level of productivity. A healthy physical work environment improves productivity and reduces extra costs to your business in the form of workers’ compensation and medical claims. A healthy work environment constitutes of the following aspects:

· Workplace Culture- all companies have a unique corporate culture that creates a standard for the employees to follow. When everyone follows it, your employees are likely to be happier and more productive.

· Physical environment and Safety- make sure all employees are safe while at work. For example, ensure all electrical cables are tucked away, there are no slippery floors, and there are working fire extinguishers in the building.

· Health and Lifestyle- Employees are a firm’s most valuable resource. Putting effort into their wellness can encourage better teamwork, increase productivity, and reduce risks of workplace accidents and sick leave.

If you are looking to create and maintain a healthy environment in your workplace, this is how to do it.

1. Choose an Appropriate Color Palette

The colors you choose to decorate your workplace profoundly affect your employee’s moods and creativity. For example, orange is known to encourage enthusiasm and increase energy.

Red also increases energy levels and heart rates. It may also enhance collaboration and conversation. Pale blue affects productivity by encouraging focus.

2. Provide Healthy Food Choices

Snacking on fatty foods frequently during the day will ultimately harm your employees’ health. You should provide healthier and affordable options in the office cafeteria. Stock up on water, freshly squeezed juice, and fruit to ensure your employees have access to cheap healthy food.

You should take on the cleaning services of a professional cleaning company to ensure your kitchen and cafeteria are kept completely clean.

3. Encourage Movement in the Workplace

Unhealthy sedentary lifestyles are to blame for most instances of heart diseases among many middle-aged people. Adults ought to do at least half an hour of moderate exercise every day. You should encourage regular exercise to improve the general health of your employees.

4. Investing in Supportive Furniture

Many adults spend around 9 hours every day seated, usually while at work or while commuting. You should invest in ergonomic chairs and encourage your employees to maintain the right posture while they work. You can also go for standing or treadmill desks, which are slowly gaining popularity.

You should hire the commercial cleaning services of a cleaning company to ensure that your office rugs are clean and desks organized.

5. Decorate the Space with Living Plants

Using living plants in your office may improve the appearance of your workplace. It may also help increase the productivity of your employees since plants and flowers are known to brighten people’s moods generally. Plants will also improve air circulation in your office.

However, plants can be challenging to maintain. They demand a lot of pruning and watering. They also shed a lot of leaves. This is why you should hire a cleaning company for office cleaning to ensure your plants don’t leave your office untidy.

6. Keep the Office Clean

It is almost impossible to do productive work in a dirty and untidy office. Make sure there are trash cans all over the office because you are likely to generate quite a bit of paper waste. Do as much recycling as you can.

A clean office not only looks appealing but also promotes good health. Hire a commercial cleaning company to help keep your office clean at all times.

Final Words

Some small firms may opt not to put a commercial cleaning company under their payroll and do the cleaning services themselves. However, this is not advisable. Professionals are more likely to know what specific corners could be breeding grounds for pests and disease.

Beyond that, intense cleaning may require you to use strong cleaning chemicals, which ought to be handled by professionals. Keep in mind that household cleaning substances are the second most common cause of poisoning in children under five years old. This is why using commercial and residential cleaning services could be useful for you and your business in the long run.

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