Preplanning Your Funeral Expenses Can Help Your Family Deal with Difficult Times Later

Few things are more disappointing and discouraging than knowing that a veteran does not have the resources that are needed to live a healthy and productive life. If there is anything worse, though, it would be a person who has served our country whose family does not have the resources to take care of veterans funeral services. Fortunately, there are more and more groups across the country who are willing to step in and provide both the resources and support that these veterans can need.

Outside of the veterans community, there are also many people in the general population who either ignore or avoid discussing end of life topics. In fact, as many as 69% of Harris Poll survey respondents indicate that they would prefer to pre-arrange their own funeral service. From both veterans funeral services to non military services, there are traditional aspects that are pretty easy to have in place. From making sure that you have a person who will provide music to knowing that you have the burial or cremation expenses covered, there are ways to make sure that both traditional and veterans funeral services are in place. And while no one wants to talk about the eventual end of life that we all face, these conversations are almost always easier to handle sooner rather than later.

When Was the Last Time You Had a Serious Conversation with Your Spouse or Adult Children About Your End of Life Preferences?

Nor surprising, as many as 65% of people over 40 say that funeral directors and funeral homes are the best source of information for making funeral arrangements. In fact, most of these facilities have packages in place that will allow you to fairly quickly complete the tasks that are needed for the most basic of services. If, or course, you want to customize the service, you can do that as well.
Many things in life are a challenge, but there are still many challenges that must be dealt with. Unfortunately, there are many times when families put these conversations off and find themselves dealing with difficult decisions in the heat of the moment. Finding the courage to talk about difficult topics, however, can help you get the things done that you need. In the case of veterans funeral services, these conversations topics can be even more complex. Dealing with post traumatic stress syndrome and other conditions after being in the field, it may be even less likely that these veterans will talk about end of life care and death with their loved ones.

Consider some of these difficult conversations that can actually have a more positive impact:

Finances. Discussions about money are often difficult, but they can also lead to more thrifty decisions for both individuals and families. Knowing that you are going to impact your children on how they handle their money, what parent would not take the time to have some conversations about how to monitor spending and increase saving?

Health. Whether you are talking about eating and exercise or you are talking about smart decisions when it comes to drinking, many parents realize that their actions speak louder than words. Finding the right way to have these conversations are important to make sure that a child’s future can be more secure.

Sex and Drugs. Interestingly enough, there are many parents who find it nearly impossible to have conversations about sex. And while there are many parents who will approach conversations about staying away from drugs, there are many times when conversations about sex are off the table. The families who find the way to have these conversations, however, are often the families who may also take the time to have other kinds of difficult conversations.

Death. Of all the difficult topics to approach, this may be the hardest one. No one wants to talk about the end of life, but if you do not your spouse and your adult children will not have the information that they need to face the most difficult of times. Conversations about living wills, funeral wishes, and other end of life topics may be uncomfortable, but they are a true gift.

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