It’s Moving Time Do You Know How to Prepare for the Movers?

Almost 11% of the population in the United States moved in the year 2017. Moving is one of the top stressful things you can do, even if you are using movers. Your move does not have to be stressful. Do you know what you can do to prepare for movers? Of course, it all depends on how you chose to use a moving company. Even if you hired movers to pack for you there are still many things you can do to prepare for them. The first step it to hire movers that are fully insured and licensed, offer friendly and supportive customer service and that have extensive experience and knowledge in the moving industry.

Some moving services provide free quotes and complimentary boxes such as wardrobe boxes to be used during your move. They provide all of the moving equipment, man power and trucks needed at attractive hourly rates that make moving a breeze. All you need to do is get ready to help your local movers get you moved to your new home.

What Is the First Step in Preparing for Moving Day?

Everything has been packed, you think you’re ready to move but have you planned for your actual movers? What does planning for movers even mean? Technically it means that you are prepared for many aspects of a move ahead of time. Do you have pet crates ready for traveling with pets? Are all of your belongings packed and boxed up?

Whether you have had help with moving such as packing services, or you chose to pack your own home, are all of your belongings properly boxed? The majority of your belongings should be packed in boxes that are ready to load on moving trucks. You will need moving supplies ahead of time such as the proper boxes, tape, permanent markers, labels, scissors and padding such as bubble wrap and foam pouches. These are all items used to pack everything from clothing to electronics and even fragile items.

It is a good idea to label every box or color code them if you have enough time. The earlier you start packing the better unless you’ve hired movers to do the job for you. Color coding is ideal for you and movers since it makes it easier to know which boxes go in which rooms once you’ve reached your destination and it’s time to unload and unpack.

Have You Told Movers Where They Can Park?

This may not sound like an important detail, but it is and it’s often left out of the thought process when it comes to moving. Even a licensed moving company will not know where to park to start your move if you haven’t informed them. When a driver calls to let you know they are on their way, they also ask where they should park. Working this detail out ahead of time helps all parties involved. Large moving trucks need a spot to park that’s close too, especially if they cannot use your personal driveway or you don’t have a driveway. In some cases, you may need to secure special attention or parking passes and you want to be prepared for these things.

Will Your Furniture Fit Through the Door?

You know for the most part that furniture will fit through the doors of your old home. Will it fit through the doors of your new home? Most of the time movers can get furniture in and out of homes without any issues. However, if you are moving to a new home and the doorways are smaller, or you have large, bulky furniture, a moving team will need notice. This allows them to plan to bring the right tools and supplies so they can measure so even larger items fit through doors or windows.

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