New Construction Properties Are Popular Among First Time Buyers

It was a decision that caught you off guard. You were surprised, but pleased.

For months your daughter had been telling friends and family that she was going to be attending a 12 month accelerated nursing program in Kansas City. Just three weeks ago, however, she called and asked if she could make a deposit at another school much closer to home. Both anxious and sad about leaving the campus where she was about to graduated with her bachelors degree, she was starting to realize that she really did not want to go to an unfamiliar place and start all over again. The program closer to home would have here surrounded by friends from high school and church.

In the end, what helped her make the decision was the available housing. In Kansas City, the apartment style dorms were very old and dated. Closer to home, however, one of the available housing options was brand new. Fully furnished and close to campus, this urban townhome community was basically the same price as the older Kansas City option, but would just be opening and would have new furniture that would come with the rental price. The new urban townhome community was so inviting, in fact, that you you daughter was willing to pay far more in tuition for the program closer to home. This option also started sooner which meant she would be employable six months earlier, but it really was the idea of living in a new construction building that helped her decide.

New Custom Home Communities Are a Draw for Many People
Whether you are a college student or a new set of parents, there is something very exciting about a brand new townhome, house, or condominium. Place the new construction in a vibrant urban area and you have an option that is difficult to turn down. In the case of a college student who was able to graduate with a first degree and no debt, the idea of living in a great new space instead of a dumpy old dorm is very inviting. Having a fully functioning kitchen with a full size dishwasher is a far better option than the half size refrigerator and dishwashers that come in some dorms.

The appeal of a newly constructed space, of course, is not limited to college graduate students. Even families who are buying their first home can be tempted by a home where no one else has lived before. New carpet that has not been soiled by someone else’s carelessness; fresh paint on walls that have not seen any damage; brand new appliances that are in working order. In fact, nearly 32% of people looking to buy new homes are first time home buyers. This means that one in three new home buyers want to live in a space that is completely new.
From new construction homes to an entirely new urban townhome community, there are many times when buyers want to know that they are getting the most for their money. The average first time home buyer is 32 years old and earnz a household income of $75,000. Nearly 40% of those surveyed by the NAHB (NAHB) indicated that they would like an environmentally friendly home. Combine these tow statistics and it is easy to see why new construction properties are so popular. For college students who are in class all of the time to couples who both work, the upkeep on a new home is far less than what would be required for an older, existing property.
A new urban townhome community near a college campus is a popular option for both working professionals as well as college graduate students. Floor plans that have two bathrooms for a three bedroom single family living space, as well as four bedroom four bathroom options for a dormitory style is a great option for many kinds of renters. Knowing that the space is in a new and safe environment is also appealing.
The latest research indicates that 80% of residential growth will be in suburban communities the next 10 years, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 612,000 newly constructed homes were sold in 2017. Will you join the list this year?

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